Letter to Matt Hale

by Rob Freeman

21 March 2004

Author Note: This is my letter of February 7, 2004, to Matt Hale. I recently got a reply, so I know that they let it through. I decided to publish it as an article. I got a reply from Matt. He is in good spirits and is ready for whatever this year throws at him. He is resigned to fate, yet cheerful about the prospects of our eventual victory. He also tried the meditation exercise I described, and said it worked for him.

Dear Matt,

I am sorry I haven't written in a while, far too long. I work 70 hours a week (three jobs) and in my free time family life is very demanding. I try to contribute some effort to the household.

I am sorry if X never sent you the books he promised. I haven't heard from him. He was one of those guys who was a big supporter while he was in prison, but when he got out he forgot about us. I sent him books while he was in the can, and I merely asked him to return the favor by sending some books to you, as I was at that time (and still now) financially unable to do so. I guess he didn't keep his promise. That's inexcusable if he doesn't have kids. What the hell else is he going to spend his money on? If I didn't have responsibilities I'd live in the bed of my pickup truck on a campground, and I'd go to the library and use the Internet to send you all the books you could read!

Now to get down to business as to what's happening out here. Opposition sources on the Internet claim that you are depressed. I hope it's not true. What if I told you that our adversary is defeating himself with astonishing alacrity? What if I told you that things are crumbling quickly out here? What if I told you that many people I encounter on a daily basis have become totally disillusioned. These are ordinary White citizens I am talking about, and they are freaking out big time.

You tried to save White America from its own insanity. You did your darn well best, and your imprisonment and suffering is not easy to bear, but history will be kind to you. Posterity will vindicate you as one who tried to save people from their own self-destruction. You did it aggressively, and truly against all odds, you screamed in the wilderness when that was exactly what needed to be done.

I am not sure how things will play out exactly, but I know that there are going to be horrible upheavals. Of course war and terrorism are always a possibility, but barring that, did you know that Mechanized Farming and Nitrogen fertilizer has created an overpopulation of the planet of at least 2 Billion? No kidding, that's what scientists are saying who study this problem. And there are three legs that hold up Industrial Farming - petroleum, water, and soil. Well, the petroleum may or may not run out; some say that oil wells replenish themselves from the core of the earth, while others say that soon it will take a gallon of oil to get a gallon of oil, hence it will no longer be feasible to extract oil at all. There is a web site called "Die Off" that says by 2012 oil production will fall off the proverbial cliff, and "the end of oil means the end of civilization." They quote petroleum geologists and the Petroleum Institute and things like the "Hubbert Curve" to support this view. They say oil production peaked around 2000 and has been declining since. Of course Americans are blissfully unaware. The second leg of Industrial farming is water. Industrial farming is mining the planet for fossil water. The plants don't need all this water, but the water is needed to dissolve the chemicals for fertilizing and pesticides! China already has a major water crisis, and there is indeed a global water crisis Something like a billion people don't have access to potable water. Then there's soil. The soil of the US farm belt is being eroded quickly. 60 years ago, Iowa had 12 feet of topsoil; now it has 6 feet. At this rate, it will be a desert in a few more decades. One of the reasons for Mexican immigration is that agribusiness undercut corn farming in Mexico and destroyed their business, with the US and NAFTA selling corn to Mexico at cheaper than the cost of production, and NAFTA required that they buy it! So all these dispossessed corn farmers from Southern Mexico are now hanging sheetrock and such here in the US. It was all orchestrated from the top.

When any one of these three legs - petrol, water, or soil, collapses, then Industrial Farming will collapse and there will be mass starvation. That's the truth, Matt. Just because the media doesn't trumpet it doesn't mean it's not true. All the while here greedy developers are STILL buying out farms and building subdivisions with 500,000 dollar McMansions, and shortsighted people buy these houses. I know, I fix the appliances in these McMansions, and I wonder how they think they will pay their mortgage when THEIR job gets "globally sourced." It's totally mindblowing. It's so insane that it's difficult to wrap one's mind around it. At least I see it coming. These people are TOTALLY UNPREPARED - spiritually, morally, materially.

I try to tell my fellow loyalists to get Amish tools and find a plot of land to rent for gardening, but they don't believe me either. So I focus my efforts on my own garden, and on making connections in the unaware White community. I have a job at this writing, but I am afraid of losing it to layoffs resulting from continued economic downturn, so I am looking for someone who will rent me an acre or two (in addition to my own piece of land). Every day off I take my truck either to the dump for compost, or to the dairy farm for fresh manure, or both. Even in the dead of winter I am doing "farmwork."

So my strategy has shifted. No longer am I looking to recruit loyalists. Now I am working among the unawakened population on their own terms. They aren't quite ready for our view. However, many are ready to believe that "the end is coming" in some form or another, and the competent and worthwhile ones are ready to start working towards their own survival. We focus on gardening, canning, dehydrating, processing raw milk into cheese, etc. Nothing even remotely threatening to the government, of which I live in fear. So I don't do anything that even has an aggressive attitude. I might as well be Amish, in the approach I am taking now. I need to be here to help protect and feed my family when things go down, because no on else will look after them. I need to continuously work to get ready for something that others don't even see coming. And you know, I doubt I will be prepared. I'm sure that despite the fact I see it coming, it will only be slightly better for me; we might live just a little bit longer. My best chance is to have a network of people with whom to work to survive when it happens. But it could happen that neighbor will turn upon neighbor; and the unprepared will seek to raid from the prepared.

I have successfully predicted enough things in my life, and saw them come true before my eyes, that I came to know that my visions of the future were accurate. When I accepted this fact, I gave a more free reign to this vision. What scares me is to see how easily people a few years ago said, "Oh, the computer jobs will be around at least for another decade or two," and voila! Within a year or so of dozens of people saying this to me with great assurance, the computer jobs are dried up. Sent to Asia, and Asian computer workers brought here to get the domestic jobs. All but two of the computer geeks I knew are now working in a different field, or unemployed. The remaining two are exceptionally talented at computers, and one of them has a government related job, while the other is in a precarious job situation, though he is actually good enough to compete with Indian PhD's, so he may actually be able to get re-employed if he loses this thing, though there are no guarantees of course.

Outside of computers, in the non-technical professions such as marketing, sales, etc., are drying up too. The American middle class is being DISSOLVED. I kid you not. Left wing commentators like Jim Hightower are talking about it in these stark terms. Of course, the American middle class became obsolete. You and I could see that a while ago. NBA dad and soccer mom had no notion of protecting what they had. Therefore, by the eternal laws of nature, they had to lose it. Of course. And so they are losing it now. Those half million dollar McMansions in the subdivisions; what will their next life be? Will they be turned into condominiums for welfare folks? Squatter structures for a Mad Max world? Whatever they will be, it's unlikely they will remain in the hands of most of their occupants, barring a massive loan forgiveness program. The joke is on all of us.

You are a hands on kind of guy, and the worst thing about your imprisonment has to be not being able to be working with us. But you must take a Buddhist resignation towards it. All things pass. Impermanency is the Noble Truth of Existence. Your current suffering, even if it goes on for what seems like a long time, cannot but be limited. You will be free, whether you are liberated by walking through an open door, or by death. You have lived honorably, and nothing can change that. Even if they torture you and force things on you, we will know that you were tortured and that you are always faithful to us.

So read lots of books, and meditate. Sit Indian style with your hands on your knees with the tips of your index fingers touching the tips of your thumbs., making the "A-OK" sign, palms held up. This is a yogic meditation position. Your third eye is in the middle of your forehead, where the Indian "dot" is. Close your eyes and look through this third eye. Feel the prana or chi energy flowing through your fingertips, through your stomach and back and groin, through your feet, and through your third eye. The energy is everywhere in your body, you just have to perceive it. Chakras, they are called. They are like gates that need to be opened so the energy can flow freely, and the third eye can open. The third eye is the highest chakra.

Opening the third eye gave me to see the fearsome future. When you see this fearsome future, if you do not already, you will understand that nothing matters any more, and therefore you are free. There is no reason to mourn one's fate, even though one suffers, in the knowledge of the fearsome world our children face.

Also, the world view for which we are fighting will not only win, but it will be taken for granted as true, and the contemporary dominant ideology will be viewed as something out of the Salem witch trials, seen for the total and utter kookiness that it is. That should be the greatest consolation to you in your suffering.

I see it so clearly that I no longer feel the urgent need to convince people. I know that circumstances will force them to it any way. The way I see it, the people I am working with have a limited mental scope. Thinking that we have to convince others is looking for fellow leaders; but most people are followers and should be dealt with as such. You don't tell them the whole story, because they can't handle it. You only divulge what they are ready for, and let them help you work for collective survival. See what I'm saying? That's how dire things are, how far along it's come since your imprisonment. The decline has accelerated tremendously, just since your imprisonment. It's like a totally different America already since January 2003. People out here miss you, by the way. What a crime to be deprived of our spiritual leader! They are doing that globally, though - killing or imprisoning leaders of rival spiritual movements that threaten the New World Order, from Afghanistan to the Gaza Strip to Waco Texas, to East Peoria, Illinois. They don't suffer any competition. But an opposing spiritual movement is a hydra head - chopping off the heads only multiplies and hardens the ranks.

And it's not just the opposing spiritual movement. As I said above, the material processes of Industrial Agriculture that support the New World Order are teetering on the verge of collapse. Sure it could take another decade I suppose, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe I'm just another millenialist nut. That's fine, I accept the possibility. But I see it so clearly, and what really makes me confident is that I have been right before.

One last thing. We are noticing people flipping out over immigration, which is a good start. People who have to deal with the problems associated with immigration are the ones who have become disillusioned with the whole "nation of immigrants" canard. And all over the country, the high school kids are starting to rebel in our direction! I kid you not. The other day some mischievous kids flew the St. Andrew's Cross on their high school flag pole, igniting and uproar and several of them were suspended. Those kids aren't sitting on any fences, that's for sure!

How sad things have become, though. I grew up assuming I'd have a more or less normal life. I'm still hoping for a normal life, someday, though not an unhealthy, consumerist normalcy. Rather, the normalcy that Americans had a century ago, a quiet, peaceful, rural life where we control our own culture and our own local politics. But it is not our fate. It is our fate to deal with the mistakes of our recent forefathers. So be it.

Be well, be strong. We miss you very much and look forward to your Liberation, whenever that will be. We will be waiting for you!

In Loyal and Eternal Brotherhood,

Rob Freeman

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