Reader Mail: 1 February 2005


Subject: where fried chicken meets frizzled coon

Alex, I can't really think of anything to say about this right now, but I think Al Sharpton's cooperation with PETA in its campaign against KFC might be a fine opportunity for another VNN one-liner contest.

N.B. Forrest, where are you?

Douglas Wright


Subject: cc Sobran

February 2, 2005

Hi, Joseph:


I think an important and timely piece to write is about this topic:


Joseph, why would you write as if it had not been an INSIDE JOB?

It's as if you have no sense of what has occurred.

Is their something in the water that has blinded everyone to the fact that TRULY INSANE men and women have perpetrated a COUP in our federal government.



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Subject: Truth about 9/11:


February 1, 2005

Hi, Paul Craig Roberts:

Re: your essay,

Why do you keep writing as if Arab terrorists were responsible for 9/11?

You wish to stop this deadly Leviathan, but you refuse to do the one thing that could work:

to expose how our own government was responsible for those attacks (with aid from the M_ssad, no doubt).

Buy and view the videos produced by .

There's how to stop it, by using the truth.

Alas, how many mainstream conservatives have dared to point out what is obvious to anyone having a brain bigger than a chimp's?

Who'll arrest the perpetrators in this admin- istration and military complex?

Public opinion would at least remove them from office (( absent their tampering with electronic voting machines and/or declaring martial law )).




Subject: contra von Hoffmeister

Christ, how many "visions" does Hoffmeister have a week? This fellow is shameless, bottomless in his Mr. Potato-Head method of making himself look like he has something to say: National Bolshevism, National Futurism, National Futurist Splinters (ow!), the "National Futurist Unity Part of Evrope" (the v to indicate familiarity with Roman letters) -- is anyone else having a hard time keeping up with all this childish mutation of 'movements' and 'futures'? The fellow has to be joking. No one of sound mind, not even someone like "Apollonian", could write the following and not feel stupid afterward: "It is an empirical imperative to observe the emergence of the elysian Empire of Right amidst the rubbles of the current and repetitive debacle of "the eternal Versailles" (propaganda yes - truth always)." This is like Aleister Crowley's worst writing made worse by a hundred self-conscious optimistic "western" clichés: an ugly, laughable jumble-hash of Marinetti, Spengler, National Socialism, "Ragnar Redbeard", Greek mythology, hand-me-down theology, cheap "alchemical" gibberish and political paradoxes, all chop-suey in the manner of a self-excited margin-scribbler who thinks asking clipped questions and using too many dashes, ellipses, or unpunctuated clauses in an alleged "essay" makes him appear profoundly rushed. I can't even begin to speak of the abuses of English here. I will say that I'd rather listen to Jose Gomez butcher our tongue than Hoffmeister stretch it out in his melodramatic gymnastics of plagiarism, from doggerel Shakespeare to "cosmic Hindu"-Hesse platitudes.

Why don't you let the past rot and stop pluming yourself on this puerile mosaic of clichés, you sack of shit?

If "[a]sceticism is the only aesthetic that ruleth beauty and reason", if that equation even made sense beyond slyly asserting that you imagine yourself to be an apollonisch Ultrabeyondman of superior taste, why is everything you say and the tone wherewith you say it the exact opposite of ascetic, reasonable and beautiful? do you even know what ascetic actually means, you hyperbolic freak? what kind of asceticism do you exemplify by writing this way? by even thinking this way? None! because that's not ascetic!

Goddamn. At first I wanted to parody this latest shimmering Von production, but I realized that I couldn't make myself more laughable than he does himself: he IS a parody -- a quacking nobody who sticks a bunch of feathers on his arms and legs, runs around talking in messy subpoetic jargon, and thinks this makes him somebody. He is the shallow, vain "man of culture" Nietzsche describes somewhere in ASZ. And this guy has the nerve to speak ill of Nietzsche -- in favor of Howard Hughes!

Why is it that the average White Nationalist is less reasonable than the average nigger?, a friend asked me. "Think of the money mook could hustle in the time it takes Von to write this crap."


Subject: "Light for Nations"


The following garbled sentence in needs to be fixed.

"In fact, ever since Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews (who had been expelled) to return to England in 1290, Jews had exercised significant influence on political and social events in England."

Edward I, "Longshanks," expelled the Jews in 1290. Oliver Cromwell let them sneak back in xxxxx.

Ed. Note: It's been fixed. The jews got the boot in 1290, and were let back in about 1655/6 by Puritan Cromwell, although not really officially, but through the back door. Anyway, we hope you'll use that essay to clue in newcomers about the nature of the jew, as it gives a good rundown on their shenanigans in the 20th century.


Subject: von Hoffmeister

Constantin von Hoff... is out of his mind. Not wrong. Not "over-the-top". Not provocative. Not ahead of his time.

Out of his mind.


Subject: I Am Charlotte Simmons

That passage about kikes from Tom Wolfe's new book was excellent, and quite daring for a bestselling author. It seems clear that he well knows the jewscore, and harbors a thinly-veiled loathing for them (and I'm equally certain the scum know it now too, if they didn't before).

On C-Span yesterday, they had a panel discussion of Wolfe's latest. I watched a few minutes of the Washington Post's senior book reviewer giving his "learned" opinion (paraphrasing): "Wolfe is perhaps the finest wordsmith in America today - but his take on the subjects he uses his great skill to describe is just plain wrong. In his latest book, he decries the liberated atmosphere on today's college campus: the drinking, drugs & sex. Are we seriously to believe that panty-raiding drunken frat boys didn't exist before now? Wolfe also sniffs about the 'shocking' revelation that young women enjoy sex just as much as young men - a stance I think is sexist. Tom Wolfe has become a bitter scold."

What effete pinkoshits like that one cannot abide is anyone with brains, talent & broad influence speaking about our judenkultur in anything less than the most approving terms.

N.B. Forrest


Subject: why coed bathrooms?

Dear Vanguard;

I am new to this site, so this question my strike you as quite naive.

I could not help noticing that in the timeline (in another article by Mr. Mueller) of the events in Germany under Hitler, that on Feb. 12, 1934, the girls and boys were separated, so that they could be taught as separate groups.

The Charlotte Simmons book review ( by Mr. Brooks ) talked of not only co-ed dorms, but co-ed bathrooms(!??) in these preppie universities. Granted, the situations are different. But the Germans separate the sexes, and we (some of us, perversely so in my opinion) grant them absolute equality, even in bathroom functions. I won't even talk about the "hooking up."

I don't want this for my kids. And I don't think they would want it.

What is going on here? Where is this coming from? Anybody have an answer?

Sincerely seeking truth,


Ed. Note: There must be some deep truth in how quickly grammatical mistakes spread. For example, the salutation of this letter, followed by a semicolon, rather than, as proper, a colon. This was a mistake that was very seldom seen until perhaps two years ago, and since then it has spread like fire.

As for your substantive question, what is going on here is a policy naturally evolving from the jews' demand for absolute sexual equality, which they define as 100% equal treatment, except where women are privileged. Women are no different from men, they lie, thus they need no separate bathrooms, and they must pack off to war just the same, and they must be given access to just as many wrestling and rugby squads. What the jew tries to do is to make the world more comfortable for his tribe. This he does by "breaking barriers" -- by destroying settled patterns of behavior in the host society. The jew only feels safe where everything is jumbled together and mixed up, and that goes for races and classes as well as sexes. And it explains why the jew was the prime mover behind the civil rights that loosed the nigger, and the 1965 immigration act that opened the gates to Mexico. The main feminists were also jews; just another front in the same war: the war to end the White man. This from a people who complain nonstop about genocide!

By the way, we're glad you found us. How did you find us?


Subject: Christianity drives by the light of insanity a goodly portion of the time


Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow

Published January 30, 2005

One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress. For the first time in our history, ideology and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington.


Subject: news from Iraq

Iraqi Resistance Report for 29 Jan 2005

Free Arab Voice.

Al-Anbar Province.

Six Marines killed in battles in Hit.

Six US Marines were killed and five others variously wounded in clashes that broke out Saturday between the Resistance and the 4th Marine Division.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that fighting erupted in the al-Iskan neighborhood, the 'Abdallah ibn al-Mubarak neighborhood, and the village of az-Zawiyyah east of Hit. The fighting lasted about four hours, from 1pm to 5pm Saturday afternoon. Resistance fighters used light and medium weapons and fired barrages of 62mm and 82mm mortars.

The fighting destroyed two Humvees and disabled a US tank. Six Marines were killed and five more wounded moderately to severely. Witnesses confirmed those losses. Clouds of smoke billowed into the sky from the two Humvees and the back of the tank.

The Brigades of the Legions of the Promise of the Truth (Kata'ib Jahafil al-Wa'd al-Haqq) posted a communiqué on the Grand Mosque of Hit at 6pm Saturday announcing that it had carried out the attacks in which four Resistance fighters, one of them a fraternal Arab fighter from Kuwait, were martyred.


Subject: anti-German-premised garbage

The Specters Haunting Dresden

Theodore Dalrymple

The foundations of Hitlers bunker were uncovered during the building frenzy in Berlin that followed the reunification of Germany. An anguished debate ensued about what to do with the site, for in Germany both memory and amnesia are dangerous, each with its moral hazards. To mark the bunkers site might turn it into a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis, resurgent in the East; not to mark it might be regarded as an attempt to deny the past. In the end, anonymous burial was deemed the better, which is to say the safer, option.

Nowhere in the world (except, perhaps, in Israel or Russia) does history weigh as heavily, as palpably, upon ordinary people as in Germany. Sixty years after the end of the Second World War, the disaster of Nazism is still unmistak- ably and inescapably inscribed upon almost every town and cityscape, in whichever direction you look. The urban environment of Germany, whose towns and cities were once among the most beautiful in the world, second only to Italys, is now a wasteland of functional yet discordant modern architecture, soulless and incapable of inspiring anything but a vague existential unease, with a sense of impermanence and unreality that mere prosperity can do nothing to dispel. Well-stocked shops do not supply meaning or purpose. Beauty, at least in its man-made form, has left the land for good; and such remnants of past glories as remain serve only as a constant, nagging reminder of what has been lost, destroyed, utterly and irretrievably smashed up.


Subject: nothing is filthier than a jew

Jewish Rabbi Gives Three Infants "Herpes"

by Miroslava Flores
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California, February 2, 2005 - (ACN) An incredible and horrific report is coming out of New York City concerning male baby fellatio, genital mutilation and the infection with "herpes" of three infants by a Jewish Rabbi. City of New York health officials are investigating the death of a baby boy who was one of three infants infected with Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 that exists predominantly in the mouths of homosexuals. The practice called "metzitzah b'peh" by Jews is routinely practiced on Jewish baby boys and may explain their sexual dysfunctions later in adult life. Many adult male Jews are "mother fixated" and exhibit a preponderance of homosexual and feminine characteristics. They are being "shocked" as infants by the ancient and bizarre practices of Jewish Rabbis. It is not yet known what percentage of Jewish males go through the horror.

The case was made public after the New York Health Department filed a complaint against the Rabbi Yitzhok Fischer. The rabbi had performed on twin baby boys last October. A few days later one died of herpes and the other tested positive for the virus. The health department later found a third baby with the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 that the rabbi had "sucked his penis".

This incredible but true report is now casting doubts on the "medical" practice of circumcision which is unnecessary, Jewish inspired, and amounts to nothing less than "male genital mutilation." There are now a vast number of medical studies that prove that males grow up healthier and perform better sexually when their penises are left intact. The "circumcising" of Gentile baby boys is essentially "Judaizing" them for life.

[IMAGE] (See incredible photographs of the Jewish bizarre practice of "metzitzah b'peh" at )

- - - - - - -

From Shabbath 19:2 - The Mishnah:

"They may perform on the Sabbath all things that are needful for circumcision: excision, tearing, sucking the penis, and putting thereon a bandage and cumin. If this had not been pounded up on the eve of the Sabbath a man may chew it with his teeth and then apply it."


Subject: Yay, VNN!


I've got to commend you for the latest VNN commentary, the article on joo-ish psychology is BRILLIANT, as is the rant on cosmetic scams and "getting out of that cycle."

It's such a joy to read VNN, where someone actually understands and can communicate about the things that I see which no one else around me can comprehend.

glad you're out there!


Ed. Note: Thanks, I'm glad you feel that way. There's an intelligent minority which sees things the way we do. I'm still waiting to see if the "local" AP rag runs my letter re MLK. The day I submitted it they ran a big pic of a couple she-chocolates lecturing kids at the public library about the August Manimal, this a couple days after the big article on the MLK day essay winners. Then I went over to the TSU library and got pissed again when I saw they have EVERY SINGLE DISPLAY CASE full of Einstein bilge, and not a mention of his plagiarism. This world is completely managed by jews, in their own interest. And they don't ever let the facts get in the way of their agenda. The good news is our side IS out there and it IS growing. VNN is upgrading its technical infrastructure to handle it.


Subject: Vietnam, compare to Iraq

"United States officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam's presidential election despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting. According to reports from Saigon, 83 percent of the 5.85 million registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. Many of them risked reprisals threatened by the Vietcong. A successful election has long been seen as the keystone in President Johnson's policy of encouraging the growth of constitutional processes in South Vietnam." -- Peter Grose, 'U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote,' The New York Times, Sept 4, 1967, page 2.


Subject: Apollonian responds to Brooks review of Wolfe

Complaint Regarding Brook's Review of Wolfe

(Apollonian, Feb 05)

Rich, why do u bother calling ur piece fm VNN mainpage, 31 Jan, a "book review" when it isn't at all?--rather, it's a mere advertisement for the work, I Am Charlotte Simmons, and perhaps most of all, a panegyric in favor of the writer, Tom Wolfe. The whole idea of a book review is artistic criticism by which one analyzes the practical use and value of the writing art. Hence commentary upon the substance of the plot is absolutely necessary; otherwise we know nothing of the work and especially the value of the art for its writing and expression. Essentially all u're saying in ur piece is, "gee whiz, I read this book, and it was really neat." U owe ur compatriots better than the tantalizing junk u actually gave.

To be sure, ur piece contains some useful items, especially the quoted passage and the description of the basketball program/mentality, but without the substance of the plot itself, there's no way to evaluate or understand the art of the writing or the book itself, for gosh sakes.

I like Wolfe too, for accurate reporting/observation is necessary for any useful abstraction/generalization. I read Bonfire..., and I thought it was pretty good, though not necessarily too earth-shattering. And I think Wolfe is surely one of the better reporters-observers; he's not afraid to at least try being truthful despite the kike censors. Heroes are those not afraid to rip into those stinking psychopathic monsters--kikes--of course the penalty/consequence is u'll not get rich; indeed, u'll suffer and not just a little.

U don't even say what the book is really about, aside fm large, uninformative, and useless generalities. Fm what I understand dear Charlotte and the white basketball player-guy find themselves quite a bit "strangers in a strange and Jewified land," this with a sidelight/commentary on the typically affected kike guy/kid who desperately wants to rape/seduce the white race in form of Charlotte as typical Judaic self-justification/rationalization, eh?--or no--see, I haven't read the book yet, and ur review was no help whatever for why I'd really want to. So maybe u can tell us more on this subject--consider it ur Aryan and artistic duty.

Don't doubt knowing ur patriot's orientation, the rest of us would be interested quite in reading what u have to say in serious substance. Quit trying to sell crap; remember we're at war here. If Charlotte ends up with the white guy or not, but almost maybe, that's okay, but if she ends up with the kike it would be grotesque, satanic, and unnatural, and I'm not interested in that filthy, putrid, stinking case. Kikes are a horrific disease, worse than the Black Plague which wiped out perhaps over a tenth of the population of Europe in the fourteenth century, which desperately need eradication, and the book and ur comments are useless unless we get some enlightenment in this vein--right?--but let me know by all means if I'm wrong.

CONCLUSION: So please try again and do things right. You gotta say what essentially happens in the plot, not necessarily in all the little details, how Wolfe treats it, perhaps in comparison to other works/authors, and then tell us why it's significant, in general and/or for urself. Don't be coy. Then u can say u did an honest and substantial "review," properly understood as such. Thanks for ur attn.

Sincerely, Apollonian, combat-scholar/theologian-of-giftedness,


Subject: Interesting color photos


Take a look at the third picture.



Ten years later, the 'Kids' are definitely not alright

By TODD MCCARTHY, Sun., Jan. 30, 2005, 6:00am PT

PARK CITY, Utah An 11-year-old boy spreads his semen over school lockers and repeats his father's filthy epithets when he blows a shot at tennis; a 16-year-old girl hangs her blood-stained sheet on the clothes line to let her father know she's lost her virginity; a 6- or 7-year-old boy proposes an exchange of bodily fluids in an Internet dialogue that might have given the characters in "Closer" pause; a 15-year-old stud becomes the heartthrob of a community's older women; a 14-year-old girl drugs and binds a man twice her age with the intention of castrating him.

These are just a few of the scenes that are being watched with barely a raised eyebrow in new American work at this year's Sundance Film Festival. It wasn't too many years ago that Larry Clark's "Kids" had to be screened here unannounced after midnight due to its explosive revelations of the sex-and-drug-drenched lives of young New York teens, and Miramax had to technically disassociate itself from the picture for fear of protests.

These days, "Kids" would hardly raise a fuss, as it would be one of just a dozen or so films that bluntly explore some of the things young people do when their parents aren't looking.

Artistic currents run in unpredictable ways that may not always directly correlate with what is actually happening in society at a given moment. The incidence of teenage pregnancies is notably lower than the levels of the '90s and, according to at least some polls, teen sex (however you gauge it) may be slightly down as well.

But you wouldn't know it from the movies onscreen at Sundance. Independent filmmakers are forever looking for ways to push the envelope, to give their work that extra edge that will attract buyers and viewers hungry for something new.

Some may also feel compelled, even unconsciously, to become bolder in what they perceive as conservative cultural times. Or perhaps it's the influence of the numerous sexually explicit European films that have been on the fest circuit and in limited release over the past few years.

Whatever the reasons, sex has replaced violence as the new edge this season, at least as far as the independents are concerned. A few examples:

In Noah Baumbach's (The son of Georgia Brown, a film critic for the Village Voice, and Jonathan Baumbach, a novelist and film critic for The Partisan Review, Baumbach) "The Squid and the Whale," one of the best films in a very mixed-bag dramatic competition this year, a divorced father considers an affair with a student, his older son dithers about whether to bed a "nice" girl or the same, wilder student his father's with, and the 11-ish son reacts to his parents' split by masturbating in the library stacks and marking his territory by smearing the result around school.

In Rebecca Miller's ( daughter of playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Morath) "The Ballad of Jack and Rose," a 16-year-old girl raised alone on an island by her father begins rebelling by abruptly asking a visiting virginal boy to deflower her; when he begs off, she lets that boy's punkish younger brother do the deed, thanking him afterward and then hanging the reddened sheet out to dry for dad's edification.

In Miranda July's (no bio with parental background available that I could find, but Miranda is a usually a jewish name) deceptively lightweight "Me and You and Everyone We Know," a first-grade-level boy who can barely read manages to type out some simultaneously innocent and outrageous Internet proposals about the possibilities of excrement exchange, while his high school-age brother is the recipient of oral favors from two mid-teen girls who want to know if he can tell the difference between their techniques.

In Melissa Painter's (no bio available) "Steal Me," a 15-year-old boy becomes the Don Juan of a small Montana town, while in Arie Posin's "The Chumscrubber," a high schooler comes on strong to the mother of his girlfriend.

In Mike Binder's (no bio available) "The Upside of Anger," a high school girl flaunts her affair with a much older man in her distraught mother's face.

In Marcos Siega's (born and raised in Queens) "Pretty Persuasion," three Beverly Hills high school girls deviously engineer a sexual harassment suit against a teacher by using their sexual wiles.

In Rian Johnson's (no bio available) "Brick," all the high school characters talk and behave like characters out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, with sex entering into the equation just as it would for adults.

On the foreign front, Ziad Doueiri's (Lebanese) French picture "Lila Says" centers on a mid-teen girl using sexual power as a significantly older woman might, while Park Chul-soo's new South Korean film "Green Chair" is about the boundary-pushing affair between a 32-year-old woman and a 19-year-old male student, who, under Korean law, is still a minor.

Perhaps most startling is David Slade's (no bio available) "Hard Candy," in which an alarmingly aware 14-year-old girl takes revenge on a man who may or may not have preyed upon underage girls by tying him up and cutting him where it counts. The sexual sophistication of her character, not to mention her wherewithal and cleverness, is way beyond her years.

There may be more examples among the 120-odd features shown at Sundance, but sexual precocity among minors jumped out as the most frequent element found in independent films this year -- more even than such other popular subjects as family dysfunction, political rebellion and ethnic disparities.

Whether this is a sign of something, or merely evidence of young filmmakers' latest notion about a good way to titillate and shock, remains to be seen.



Woman sells hundreds of Russian girls to sex slavery

01/26/2005 13:21

A company was publishing job advertisements in local newspapers, inviting young girls for prestigious work in European countries

"Job opportunities for women. Accommodation guaranteed." Such job ads can be found in many Russian newspapers nowadays. Everybody knows that pimps most often use such ads to hire young girls to work as prostitutes in brothels or just in the streets. Despite the public awareness of such a demeaning fact, hundreds of Russian women still fall victims to their own naivety. Only a few of them manage to escape from hell.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in Khabarovsk (Russia's Far East) instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of human trafficking yesterday. As it was revealed during the investigation, the company Media Service was running the human trafficking business in the city for 2.5 years. The company was publishing job advertisements in local newspapers, inviting young girls for prestigious work in European countries. Several hundreds of women from Khabarovsk responded to Media Service's ads. It is hard to say why women were so attracted to such a doubtful opportunity: they were either too naive, or they probably wanted to leave Russia at all costs.

Media Service had an agent, a Moscow-based company, which would select prettiest girls and send them to Russia's capital. In Moscow, girls would receive Israeli visas and leave Russia. In Tel Aviv, Russian girls would be sent to a slave market, on which they would be sold to pimps from China and Middle Eastern states. They purchased Russian girls from Khabarovsk for their brothels.

"The prestigious work in Europe" turned out to be not prestigious at all, not to mention the fact that it was not in Europe either. Media Service has sent abroad over 300 girls during 2.5 years of the company's work. The firm would receive the profit up to $3.500 for each girl. The police learned about the criminal activity of the Khabarovsk-based company from several sex slaves, who managed to escape from their owners. The owner of Media Service, a woman, has been arrested, although four of her accomplices have been released on a written statement not to leave the city.

Another businesswoman involved in the human trafficking business was arrested yesterday in Ukraine. A female resident of the town of Suma was selling women to Turkey for four years from 2001 to 2004. As usual, the woman was promising bright future to all her "employees" - wonderful jobs, high wages and comfortable accommodation. Instead of living in cozy houses, girls had to work in brothels as prostitutes. The 44-year-old female pimp has sent 20 Ukrainian girls to Turkey, but only a small part of them managed to return home.


Subject: school failing niggers? uh, turn that around, hoss

Guardian 1 Feb 2005, Education supplement, pp. 8-9:


Interesting article, the basic premise of which is that 'UK schools were failing black boys,' based on a 1971 pamplet written by Geoff Palmer, a Jamaican immigrant and now chemistry professor at Heriot Watt. Here are some quotes:

'[Palmer] identified three factors that were causing black boys [ie., niggers, fresh off an island called Jamaica on which voodoo is still and has always been practiced], in particular, to fail: "Low expectations on his [ie, the boy's] part about his likely performance in a white-controlled system of education; low motivation to succeed academically because he feels the cards are stacked against him [and yet Indians and chinks, also 'card-stacked' have higher pass rates than whites now]; and low teacher expectations."'

So nothing to do with the fact that they're niggers, then? Funny how our Hindus, wops, Jews and chinks have done alright for themselves. But when it's niggers, ISS DUH SISSTUM. Common sense would dictate that a continent on which no decent standard of living has ever been met by niggers might point to their failing pretty much anywhere they might inhabit. I'd bet they'd be able to turn out a zoo in a matter of months and have the animals topping themselves (ie, committing suicide) through sheer desperation.

Take, for example, this little titbit from the black Diane Abbott, Labour MP Hackney North (a nigger district), which appears on page 9 of the article:

'He [Palmer - see above] was the first person to raise this issue. Sadly, if the education authorities and schools had listened to him then, we wouldn't have the crisis we have now.'

'Sadly'? The only said thing is the failure of the 5% - actually 2.5% because black girls seem to do alright by comparison - causing the other 95/97.5%, and especially the other 40% of deracinated failures - white males - to 1, dumb themselves down, 2, hand over 'control' of 'THE SYSTEM,' whatever the fuck that is, and 3, be educated about how Othello was a cool-azz nigga when in fact he was a North African Arab. 'Crisis'? The only crisis is that the above is true, ie., that most rationally-thinking people take it as gospel that whitey is failing The Noble Nigger and all his little chillun, when in fact as the Americans know, 'if you habs duh niggers, yo gots to hab their prollums, too.'

It is, of course, illegal to incite racial hatred in the UK, which definition also includes the dissemination of facts. Add to that the de-bollocked nature of our politicians and journalists - all of whom agree on issues like asylum seeking (it's "fair"), immigration (it's "good for the economy"), crime ("it's high, but we oughtn't discriminate against nigger criminals and their asylum seeker colleages"), education ("it's shit, but what can we do?" shrug) and political correctness ("it's gone mad; but we'll still shake our heads disapprovingly when whites come to claim their long-forgotten rights") - you've got modern day Britain in a bag. 'ISS DUH SISSTUM.' Goddamn right it's the system - the same fucking one that opened the cage and put you on the pantheon, Leroy. 'The system' - WTF?

I am fucking sick of these niggers and having to bend over backwards to accommodate monkeys and their problems with manpants when they shouldn't even be here, or wearing trousers for that matter. Multiracialism = the right to quarrel over the tiny piece of pie the government leaves out for the voter.

The income tax over here is between 20-40% for most people. That's 20-40% of our money that goes to projects integrating that 2.5% of British people who think chicken guts can foretell their future and think bluegum-bo is something you eat, not something you cremate or bury.



Subject: Bishop Floyd

Jeff Session -- You Duplicitous Son of a Bitch

I've followed your odyssey from racist judge to New South Boy, and now to this imbecilic enthusiasm, this paralyzing stupidity, common among devoted drudges who have lost the ability to question their Fuhrer. This letter embodies only a minuscule part of my displeasure.

You are so damnably transparent! You really do assume that intelligent people will see your bill, which increases death and insurance benefits to survivors of dead soldiers, as a saintly act of empathy.

Let us call it what it is; you dark hearted, sinister, bastard; IT IS A RECRUITING TOOL.

There are several realities at work here. The 'Mother Test' is beginning to make its mark on this ill-conceived war, and bloody occupation. The Mother Test will become even more ubiquitous as the bodies pile-up.

You've increased the reenlistment bonus, extended the insidious "Stop Loss" order, even grabbed-up a fifty-eight year old guardsman from my community and sent him to Iraq, you are filling the ranks with wetbacks and promising them citizenship, and now this; this death lottery.

Do I feel that the families of our troops should receive all the heartfelt compassion a grateful nation can express? Yes! A thousand times, yes! But to have an effeminate, squeaky, little amateur sophist like you try to recruit for Moloch by shaking money at impoverished people, is a profanation.

Do you really intend to send six hundred thousand dollars, one hundred for death gratuity, five hundred thousand insurance, to the barrios of Mexico City? Please, alert the Border Patrol.

And in the government housing projects of North Birmingham will that slut daughter or drug dealing, worthless son, be looked upon as a winning lotto ticket, with better odds than the Tunica casinos?

The only thing you could now add to this insanity is to allow the parents to volunteer their children. Build a huge iron statue of Paul Wolfowitz, with out-stretched arms, and a fire in his belly, and pay on the spot, those willing to sacrifice their babies.

Abu Ghraib and A. Gonzales

Sessions, you old darling you, I have listened as you addressed the torture at Abu Ghraib; listened in disbelief and were appalled by your cavalier justifications and validations. I was sickened by your support of Bush's house-boy, Alberto Gonzales, and I know he has your vote. You and he, obviously, agree on the 'few bad apples' defense; Gonzales said, "...a few immoral people having fun."

So, let me end this letter to my Senator with a most germane question. Please, understand that my question implies no physical threat of violence; it is rhetorical, and innocent of any peril to you or him. However, I must ask you both; COULD YOU SAY ALL THAT YOU HAVE SAID WITH A BROOM HANDLE UP YOUR SORRY ASSES?

Bishop James Floyd

Reaching a hateful world through love.


Subject: Ritter vindicated; kikes implicated

After 2 yrs of a bogus jew war using puppet monkeyhead the truth finally will become official but the damage has already been created.

Could the other jew lies and real truths be exposed on the past 500 yrs or 2000 yrs and especially the past 100 yrs? How long will the jews controll the media? How much longer will it before its beyond any turning back? Is it already to that point?

February 2, 2005 5:45 AM

CIA changes tune on Iraq WMD

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The CIA is publishing a series of classified reports revising its pre-war intelligence assessments of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, an intelligence official says.

A January 18 report, titled "Iraq: No Large-Scale Chemical Warfare Efforts Since Early 1990s," concludes that Saddam Hussein abandoned major chemical weapons programs after the first Gulf War in 1991.

A January 4 CIA report addressed Baghdad's Scud missile and delivery system, while forthcoming reports are expected to revise pre-war estimates of Iraq's biological and nuclear capabilities.

The intelligence official, who asked not to be named, said the latest report was not considered a high-level document for review by U.S. President George W. Bush.

"This matches up what the assessment was before the war and what the assessment is after the war," the official said. "It takes into account post-war information that was, by definition, not available earlier."

U.S. intelligence claims that Iraq possessed large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and was attempting to acquire nuclear capability formed a main justification for the 2003 invasion.

Former CIA Director George Tenet, who resigned last July, told Bush that finding WMD in Iraq would be a "slam dunk" according to journalist Bob Woodward's book "Plan of Attack."

But no WMD have been found in Iraq and U.S. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer is expected this month to issue a final addendum to his September report concluding that pre-war Iraq had no such stockpiles.

"The CIA has finally admitted that its WMD estimates were wrong," Rep. Jane Harman of California, ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said in a statement. She also called on CIA officials to conduct a vigorous review of intelligence on Iran and North Korea, "where active WMD programs are known to exist." Bush has branded pre-war Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an "axis of evil." The United States contends that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Tehran denies the charge. But Vice President Dick Cheney, a main proponent of the Iraq war, stirred concern about possible military action against Iran recently by saying the country tops the administration list of world trouble spots.


Subject: jews hate Christians


by Rev. Ted Pike Pictured: President Reagan, before Rev. Pike and other national religious leaders, signs the proclamation requiring that the first Thursday in May be observed as National Day of Prayer.


Thinking Americans are now becoming aware that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) is the architect of "anti-hate" laws worldwide. The ADL is the "civil liberties" arm of B'nai B'rith, an international Jewish religious, educational, cultural and charitable organization with 2,300 lodges and chapters. One of every fifteen adult Jews belongs to B'nai B'rith.

The ADL created a "model anti-hate statute" in 1988, which it persuaded 48 states to adopt some version of. It is Pennsylvania's ADL hate law which has authorized arrest of the "Philadelphia Eleven," threatening each with 47 years in prison and a $90,00.00 fine. The ADL also created the "Hate Crimes Statistics Act" of 1990, putting ADL in charge of teaching police, FBI and Justice officials that "hate" equals bias against homosexuals.

The same twisted, anti-Christian definition of hate underlies the ADL's massive federal anti-hate bill, "The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act," pledged for passage by a majority of members of Congress. It will soon be re-introduced by the ADL and its lackeys, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Gordon Smith.

It is clear that, having had their federal hate bill defeated for the third time on Oct. 8th, the ADL, enraged, struck back on Oct. 10th against Christians in Philadelphia. The District Attorney of Philadelphia, Lynn Abraham, who gave the order to arrest eleven Christians, is a member of the ADL's National Executive Committee. She is also an initiate of B'nai B'rith's prestigious Justice Lodge.

Clearly, arrest and indictment of what is now 'Philadelphia's Five" was not the impulsive act of brash, ADL-indoctrinated police. It was a bold first step toward systematic persecution of Christians, an attack coming from the Executive Committee of the ADL.

Lawyers for the "Philadelphia Five" filed charges against the City of Philadelphia for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. If justice will be served, Lynn Abraham, not the Philadelphia Five, should be the one going to prison.


Subject: IHR

IHR Employment Opportunity

The Institute for Historical Review needs another full-time staff member to join our team here in southern California.

As office manager and webmaster, he or she should have good computer skills, a demonstrated ability to produce quality work on a timely basis, self-initiative, reliability, a commitment to the ideals and goals of the IHR, and be able to work together well with others. Business or marketing experience, and a grounding in history are desirable, but not essential.

The starting salary is competitive. We offer the satisfaction of stimulating, challenging work of great social value and importance. The IHR is located near beautiful beaches in an economically dynamic region with an ideal climate.

Interested? Please send inquiries or resume to:

Director, Institute for Historical Review
P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659, USA
Fax: 949 - 631 0981


Subject: jews hate Whites, example six million and thirty-two

More Jew-inspired nigger bullshit:





Obadele, a former Republic of New Africa president, stood before a crowd of about 150 people at Jackson City Hall Tuesday night to kick off a Black History Month program and lightheartedly retold portions of a controversial gun battle 33 years ago that killed Jackson Police Lt. William Louis Skinner.

As Obadele spoke, some supporters nodded heads and clapped, while others interjected "that's exactly right."

Obadele, invited to speak by Councilman Kenneth Stokes, was jovial when he discussed a 1971 shootout and its aftermath, but never addressed the death of Lt. Skinner.


Subject: Mexican bullshit & beans burrito

A "Sleepy Lagoon" type scenario arising in Ceres, California

Brutal police retaliation against Mexican-American youths continues unabated

by Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - February 1, 2005 - (ACN) Not very many contemporary Californios, nor Angelenos for that matter, know about the shameful incidents that occurred against Mexican-Americans of Los Angeles during World War II. These events are known as "The Sleepy Lagoon Incident" and "The Zoot Suit Riots". Today, over 63 years later, this deplorable history is repeating in Ceres and Modesto, California.

During a time when white society was busy rounding up Americans of Japanese descent to intern them in concentration camps, it was also busy waging racist battles against youths of Mexican descent. In 1943, in Southern California, whites believed that Mexican-American youths were predisposed to criminality. These racist notions were encouraged by sensationalistic news reports and an overaggressive Los Angeles Police Department. This very same thing is now happening in Central California and especially in Stanislaus County.

As is occurring today in Ceres and Modesto, the Los Angeles Police Department on August 4, 1943 rounded up over 600 Mexican-American youths until the Firestone Station jail could not take in any more young people. Today, the Ceres and Modesto police departments had to stop its dragnet and crackdown on Mexican youths because the Stanislaus County jail is now filled to capacity. It has been revealed to La Voz de Aztlan that, during the past few days, six law enforcement agencies have interrogated more than 900 Mexican youths, arrested more than 100, wrote 65 citations and towed away 45 cars. All this is retaliation against the Mexican-American community because of the police shootout with US Marine Andres Raya on January 10th that resulted in the killing of one cop and injuring of another. As the Zionists in Palestine, the racist cops are collectively punishing an entire community.

In 1943, the Los Angeles Police Department utilized the death of a young man during a scuffle to launch one of the most shameful crackdowns on Mexican youths in the history of California. As today, the cops used the "gang card" to justify the arrests and beatings of hundreds of youths. Seventeen young Mexicans were railroaded to prison on false charges of killing the young man. A few years later they were released after an appeal that showed the racist nature of the prosecution. At that time, the cops accused the young man of being "Zoot Suit" gang members. The maligning, as Ceres Police Chief de Werk is doing today with the help of some in the local media, resulted in the horrific "Zoot Suit Riots", in the same year, in which over 5,000 sailors and soldiers invaded East Los Angeles and other Mexican-American communities and savagely beat Mexican men and raped Mexican women.

A repeat of "Sleepy Lagoon" or "The Zoot Suit Riots" can not repeat in Los Angeles but it appears to be repeating in the "redneck" towns of Ceres and Modesto. The only thing that can stop this from happening is the intervention of the federal government. La Voz de Aztlan has received information that the Western Region of the US Civil Rights Commission is now monitoring the actions of Police Chief de Werk. The chief has created a bonanza for civil right attorneys. The chief is no stranger to civil litigation involving police irresponsibility. While a police chief in Caspar, Wyoming , he was named a defendant in a case where a mother wound up with a broken neck paralyzing her from the breast down. Perhaps that is one reason that he is now in Ceres targeting Mexicans.

Sleepy Lagoon Defendants

"We were arrested just because we are Mexicans, but being born a Mexican is something we had no control over, but we are proud no matter what people think. We are proud to be Mexican American boys."

- - - Manny Reyes, Sleepy Lagoon Defendant - - -

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **

La Voz de Aztlan

Ed. Note: Cienfuegos, why don't admit that your people just plain suck? There is nothing they touch they don't make uglier, messier, and stupider.


Subject: Polignano on "differently intelligent"

Dear Alex,

At first I thought that Michael Polignaro's article about the education gap and the "Differently Intelligent" was true. I even did an internet search looking for the "National Association for the Advancement of Retarded People." Shows how far we've fallen. However, the "Wellstone bill" giving them the right to drive is already here, at least in my state of NC.

At my local supermarket there's a man who bags groceries. It's obvious that he's retarded. That's about the only job he can do and he does it with some difficulty. Well, one day I park the car and as I'm walking over to the supermarket I had to stop to let a car pass. Guess who was driving? That's right, the retarded grocery bagger. I almost fell over in disbelief.

This is not funny, it's downright dangerous! He's not capable of quick thinking. He's a menace to other drivers. It's reached a point where the PC crowd would rather see us dead than "offend" someone. Thanks, Jews!


Ed. Note: I guess you haven't heard about the repacked AA, "Affirmative Airlines" - something truly special in the air. The feds don't care if an ape's behind the wheel as long as it's wearing a seatbelt.


Subject: Anderson responds

The reviews made me fall in love with VNN, and then I read the rest of the stuff. It got me started. I've tried to review some real classics that I hope most people have seen so I could ring all the WN bells I could with the plot and characterizations. If a lemming loves Braveheart and my review starts him thinking like one of us, then I'm happy.

I read about the White Freedom Party, and I'm very excited about it. Please be careful, though. It's just when things are rolling that "accidents" and "random violence" start to happen. BTW, have you ever read any of the Harry Turtledove "American Empire" series? It's alternate history, and postulates the Confederacy winning the Civil War, then fighting the yankees again in a 1914-1917 war and losing. It's extremely over-written with wooden characters, but there is a development where a Hitleresque figure rises in the defeated Confederacy to rearm and challenge the US again. His southern-style Nazi party is called the "Freedom Party."

William Anderson


Subject: point taken!

Top 10 Reasons Why There are No Black NASCAR Drivers

by Extra Crispus Attax (11) CUP HOLDER TOO SMALL FOR 40 OUNCER. . .


Subject: disagrees with Crane on women

Dear VNN,

Of course you're probably not surprised to hear from yet another white woman that I disagree with George Crane's view in "Women of Fourty years Ago to Today's Feminists" because it sounds like what the Taliban imposed upon women. Anyway most of the issues he brought up actually have more to do with men than women, take for instance the driving issue. In my state of California it was male lawmakers who raised the highway speed limit from 55mph to 65mph, hence raising the number of traffic injuries and fatalities on already insufficient highways that have to also have to be shared with Mexican illegals! Also if you look any car insurance records, while its true there are more women driving like men, most women owning cars are obviously not driving just like the men. Also if haven't noticed no woman of any race drives around with ear damaging stereos booming like stupid males of negro race.

Anyway, let me point out my case of white feminists should be allowed to do what they want but head the churches in this country. There are a number of reasons I just left large church where I live, even though when I first joined it appeared to be a fairly fundamentalist evangelical church. But then suddenly it hired women who had divorced their husbands onto the ministry staff, even though it was written into the rules for being an elected volunteer on the elder board could not be divorced! I had friends who did leave that church with this predicament, but I now tell them I'm just slow to learn and that thought someway God was going to still bless me in spite of this obvious sin of the church. Before joining the church staff, Katie and Debbie were career women and they were nice to me. But as I got to know them, the question still persisted within me if they could do whatever they wanted out in the world and participate in our economy, why did they want to mess with the traditional roles within the church? But I seen that the church before functioned actually functioned just fine without these women, and God certainly hasn't change the rules on this.

While even St. Paul The Apostle had career women, including Lydia, a Greek merchant , support his ministry, women still didn't make the spiritual and executive decisions of the church. Even the Old Testament Psalms says a woman may make an honest income in the world for her family household as well as to make tithes and offerings to the temple, but that does not give her authority to become a priest, or act as one over the ministry. I remain in contact with Katie and Debbie, but in God's name I cannot figure out why they continue even when it has been revealed to them that they would be perfectly competent doing anything else but defy the Bible by taking charge of the church. Personally, I think these feminists have spurred even worse things , such as why the church decided to not discuss voting and community issues relevant to local Christians, and sermons that sound like the philosophies of Tony Robbins and Deepek Chopera.


Michelle Kunert
Sacramento, CA


Subject: camel choked

Mr Linder:

Here is a sad story from Saudi Arabia that will have your readers in tears. Unfortunately the Sand Negro survived.

Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian

Camel Meat Nearly Suffocates Pilgrim
Saeed Al-Khotani, Arab News

MINA, 24 January 2005 - A Tunisian pilgrim was saved at Mina general hospital from being suffocated by a blockage of a large piece of camel meat in his gullet. Dr. Salahaddin Mahfooz, head of the surgery department at the hospital, said that the pilgrim came to the hospital totally exhausted and complaining of a piece of meat stuck in his gullet. "Then an immediate operation was recommended, and it took almost three hours to remove the piece of meat which measured 3x4 cm," said Dr. Mahfooz, who performed the operation. In the operations, the blocked piece of meat was eroded until it became small and then pushed into the stomach, after making sure that stomach and duodenum could let it pass.

In an interview with Arab News, the Tunisian patient pilgrim, Sidi Husein Assajoomi, explained how the blockage happened. He said, "I was at my tent eating a hot free Kabsa meal (a popular Saudi dish made of boiled meat and rice). It happened that I took a big piece of meat. Once I put it in my mouth I could not bear its heat, so I immediately swallowed it. But it could not pass through my gullet and got stuck there."


Subject: prominent penis-kisser protest

League of the South to Engage in Massive Peaceful Protest Against Morris Dees

by Olaf Childress

The League of the South proudly stands for the interests of the Southern people and therefore in complete opposition to Morris Dees, his Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and its perverse, anti-God agenda.

We will conduct a peaceful, educational protest against Morris Dees' appearance at Mississippi State University this Thursday, February 3 outside the Union Ball Room at 7:00 PM.

Be it known that in no way is the League of the South protesting Mississippi State University or Black History Month. This is against Morris Dees and his SPLC alone; and here is why:

As a simple Google search for "Morris Dees" will reveal enough of the truth for the reader to make an educated judgment, to list here his crimes against Christendom and the shared values of the South is an unnecessary endeavour. Yet there are two things of particular importance for the good people of Mississippi to understand about Morris Dees and the SPLC.

1.) Morris Dees and the SPLC exploits minorities for money, for power, and to ultimately promote the radical agendas of anti-Christian, pro-sodomy organisations. [The LOS nobly sticks up for 'minorities' that are actually majorities and which HATE LOS members. That is weak, and cannot succeed.]

The SPLC's "" website, for example, boasts of challenging public schools in court for their use of internet filters that "block access to LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender & Queer] information and resources." Dees uses fear tactics and fiction to raise money with which he claims to fight organisations he has personally deemed "Hate Groups." Dees then turns around and uses the funds to "protect" the activities of groups like NAMBLA - the North American Man / Boy Love Association. (A Google search on NAMBLA will quickly educate those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with this despicable, child-molestation advocacy)

2.) Morris Dees and the SPLC were the first of many groups to file suit against Alabama Judge Roy Moore, charging that the Ten Commandments monument must be removed because it "sends a message... that the government encourages and endorses the practice of religion in general and Judeo-Christianity in particular."

The League of the South can be reached by phone at (256) 757-6789 or by email at


Subject: ID theft

The secret list of ID theft victims

Consumers could be warned, but U.S. government isn't talking

Hundreds of thousands of American citizens are unknowingly lending their identity to illegal immigrants so they can work. And while several government agencies and private corporations sometimes know whose Social Security numbers are being ripped off, they won't notify the victims. That is, until they come after the victims for back taxes or unpaid loans owed by the imposter

Immigrant imposters with the least nefarious of intentions -- simply a desire to work -- often unknowingly victimize the rightful Social Security number holders. The problem is compounded by how often ripped-off numbers are used. James Lee, chief marketing officer for private data collection firm ChoicePoint, said the average victim of immigrant-based identity theft sees their Social Security number shared about 30 times.

"The numbers get passed around a family, and around neighborhoods," he said.

None of the agencies involved are trying to tackle the problem because they all benefit from it, as does corporate America, she said. The IRS and Social Security collect extra taxes, lenders sell more loans and employers get inexpensive workers. Fixing the problem and telling all the victimized consumers would upset the delicate apple cart that is America's immigration policy, she said.

"The government is forcing people to share identities because they want to provide cheap labor to corporate America," Melody Millet said.

An undocumented immigrant worker managed to use Steve Millet's Social Security number for more than 10 years before the incident was discovered. Millet said the imposter managed to obtain a dozen credit cards, buy a car, and even a house using the stolen number and his own name. All the while, that imposter paid taxes, paid into Social Security, and took out loans using the stolen Social Security Number. All of those agencies had a record of the abused SSN; none bothered to tell Steve Millet.



Idaho EURO representative and EURO Hour Host Stan Hess presents : " Authentic European Voices .. The Real Story of the Holocaust " Readings from Articles by Ted O'Keefe , Dr. Robert Faurisson , and Mark Weber Tonight .. Wednesday night .. February 2nd , 2005 .. EURO Hour 6pm Pacific 7pm Mountain 8pm Central 9pm East Coast Time

Join us live on the internet ... You can listen by clicking on Real One . Winamps . Windows Media Player Software Programs . Reality Radio Network , your station for informative programming that is politically incorrect . Listen to this program Tonight .. Wed. night February 2nd Thank You .... Stan Hess ... Host of the EURO Hour


Subject: study on MTV finds...sleaze

Study says MTV delivers a diet of "incessant sleaze" to its young viewers

By DAVID BAUDER (AP Television Writer)

NEW YORK - Approaching the first anniversary of Janet Jackson's famed wardrobe malfunction, a study released Tuesday criticized MTV for the "incessant sleaze" of steamy programming aimed at young people. During one week last March, the watchdog Parents Television Council said it counted 3,056 flashes of nudity or sexual situations and 2,881 verbal references to sex.

"MTV has clearly chosen to cater to the lowest common denominator, to offer the cheapest form of programming to entice young boys ... dangling forbidden fruit before their eyes," said Brent Bozell, PTC president and conservative activist.

MTV labeled the report unfair and said the group ignores the network's public service efforts, like its Emmy-winning "Choose or Lose" campaign on last year's presidential election.

An independent analyst said the findings shouldn't come as any surprise to people who watch MTV regularly but would be eye-opening to people who don't - just like the MTV-produced Super Bowl halftime show did when exposed to a large audience on CBS last year.

"There are a lot of things that most rational parents of 12-year-olds would be uncomfortable with their children consuming," said Robert Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University. The group decided to look at MTV's programming after the Jackson incident and picked the network's annual "Spring Break" week of shows to study.

In an episode of "One Bad Trip," MTV depicted a human sundae competition where men licked whipped cream placed on women's' bodies - with a cherry for each breast. In "Spring Break Fantasies," five women in swimsuits rubbed lotion on a man, using more than their hands. An episode of "Room Raiders" showed a man looking through a woman's underwear drawer and commenting on what he finds.

The parents group said MTV's reality programs have even more sexual content than its music videos. During the week, the PTC said it recorded 3,127 instances of profane dialogue "bleeped" out and another 1,518 other instances of unedited rough language. MTV spokeswoman Jeannie Kedas said the network follows the same standards as broadcasters. MTV reflects the culture and what its viewers are interested in, she said.

"It's unfair and inaccurate to paint MTV with that brush of irresponsibility," she said. "We think it's underestimating young people's intellect and level of sophistication." Besides the "Choose or Lose" campaign, MTV won a Peabody Award last year for the "Fight for Your Rights" series that focused on issues such as sexual health and tolerance, she said.

Thompson said the report offers valuable consciousness-raising, particularly when many children have televisions in their bedrooms that aren't monitored by parents. He said, though, that it's dangerous to leap to a conclusion that MTV's programs influence young people's behavior.

The PTC has frequently monitored the broadcast networks for sexual content, bad language or violence. MTV has roughly three times as many incidents throughout the day as ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox do at 10 p.m., when standards are generally loosened because most children have gone to bed, Bozell said.

"I have done thousands of these studies over the years and I knew these numbers would be troublesome," Bozell said. "I had no idea it would be this bad."

His group favors requiring cable and satellite companies to offer "a la carte" programming, giving customers a chance to pick and choose which networks to buy. MTV is generally included in basic cable packages that most customers get whether they want it or not. "The incessant sleaze on MTV presents the most compelling case yet for consumer cable choice," Bozell said.

Bozell acknowledged that the PTC could be criticized for singling out MTV's spring break week, a particularly hormonally charged time for college students. But he said that was fair game because MTV uses it as a showcase for new programming.


Subject: Russia vs Judea

Letter by Russian nationalist on Jewish extremism


Subject: Divest from Israel? Hell, yes!

Excellent News on Divestment/boycott

A resolution adopted by a faculty senate and not just students this time.

University of Wisconsin Faculty Call for Israel Divestment

(Madison, WI- 02/01/05) - The Faculty Senate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville adopted a resolution last week demanding that the University divest from companies that provide the Israeli Army with weapons, equipment, and supporting systems.

The resolution urges the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents to eliminate investments in Caterpillar, General Dynamics, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Northrop-Grumman, and Raytheon from the University's Trust Fund "based on evidence of the active role these companies play in enabling Israeli Forces to engage in practices that violate international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people."

The resolution, adopted at the regular meeting on January 25th, is part of the University of Wisconsin Divestment From Israel Campaign (, led by Al-Awda Wisconsin (The Palestine Right to Return Coalition) and Alternative Palestinian Agenda in partnership with several local social justice, student, and community organizations.

The Faculty Senate cited reports by independent international, Palestinian, and Israeli Human Rights organizations that document widespread human rights violations against Palestinian civilians. These abuses are in many cases perpetrated using items produced by the companies identified in the resolution. The resolution also pointed out that these investments violate the University's Trust and Fund Policy on socially responsible investment.

The University of Wisconsin Regents Trust and Fund Policies provide that divestment ought to be carried out in cases where 'any company, corporation, subsidiary or affiliate.practices or condones through its actions discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, creed or sex.' or cases where "corporate policies or practices . cause substantial social injury."

Caterpillar Corporation provides the Israeli Army with the D-9 bulldozer and other equipment used to carry out widespread and systemic house demolitions, acts which have been classified by the UN Commission on Human Rights as war crimes. Caterpillar's equipment is also used to uproot olive trees, destroy infrastructure, and to build Israel's separation wall which has been deemed by the International Court of Justice to be a violation of International Law and the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people. Other companies provide fighter jets (Lockheed Martin), aircraft engines (General Electric), and missiles (Raytheon) often used to bomb targets in civilian areas and commit other human rights abuses. Investments in the companies specified by the resolution exceed $2.8 Million.

The University of Wisconsin Divestment from Israel Campaign plans to introduce similar resolutions to other university and community institutions.



Archbishop expresses solidarity with Palestinian Christians

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Archbishop Patrick Kelly of Liverpool has expressed solidarity with the Christians in the Holy Land, following a visit there. He was part of a delegation of Catholic bishops from Europe and North America who visited Christian communities and Church leaders in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. It follows a another trip by members of catholic peace group Pax Christito Bethlehem at Christmas.

Pax Christi also met with members of the Muslim and Jewish communities who are working for peace and human rights in the region. In recent years, Bethlehem has been under curfew at Christmas and the Church of the Nativity was involved in a siege in Bethlehem in 2002. At Easter Christians in the West Bank were prevented by Israel's security measures from visiting the traditional site of Jesus' crucifixion to celebrate Easter.

Reports suggest that thousands of Christians are also now leaving the town of Christ's birth and going abroad. Bethlehem continues to be the Palestinian city with the largest Christian population. The Christians and Muslims there have, for the most part, lived peacefully side by side. As the Intifada has continued however, unemployment has soared to 60 or even 70%.

In 2004 Pax Christi launched its "People of the Holy Land need Bridges not Walls " campaign to raise awareness of the impact of the separation wall, called by some the "Apartheid Wall", on the Palestinian community. Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah has warned that Christians face extinction if present emigration trends continue.

The delegation of bishops, who visited parishes, schools, hospitals and Bethlehem University, pledged their support for the Christian community. They also praised those who work for peace, justice and security. The experience of these days strengthened my conviction that is appropriate for the Bishops Conference of England and Wales to continue to be part of this annual gathering and its consequences, Archbishop Kelly said.



Russian Jewish Congress to Sue Anti-Semitic Deputies

The Russian Jewish Congress has said it intends to sue the Duma deputies that signed a letter addressed to the prosecutor general in which the politicians called for a ban on Jewish organizations.

The organization also plans to sue the newspaper Rus Pravoslavnaya (Orthodox Russia) which published the letter on Jan. 23, the Russian Information Agency Novosti reported, citing a press release from the congress.

The signatures of the deputies of the State Duma beneath the text compromise the legislative branch of government and undermine the faith in a peaceful coexistence among various people and religions on Russian territory, the statement said.

The letter the parliamentarians addressed to the State Duma, which stunned rights activists in Russia and abroad, likened Judaism to an extremist religion that offered human sacrifices. It was recalled after sparking an outrage.

The Jewish Congress press release cited experts who said that the letter itself was unlawful under a section of the Russian Criminal Code that makes inciting interracial hatred illegal.

The fact that the letter was recalled does not change the openly anti-Semitic text of the letter, nor the fact that it was published in the mass media, the press release said.

President Vladimir Putin denounced what he called the disease of anti-Semitism during a speech in Poland where he was visiting the site of the Auschwitz death camp on the 60th anniversary of its liberation.


Subject: Freaka update: niggers still niggers

It Is Racist To Be 'Bored With Africa'

(It is also racist to fail to devote oneself as a fundraiser to constantly save Africa, apparently. And the day you stop working as a fundraiser for Africa, you also become racially inferior.)

Frederick Studemann; and John Reed. "Development Policy: Sir Bob Geldof In Controversy Over 'Bored By Africa' Comments", in Financial Times, February 1, 2005. p. 2.

Sir Bob Geldof has come under intense attack after the outspoken pop star stated he was "profoundly bored by Africa" after devoting himself to solving Africa's problems for 20 years and seeing no progress. Twenty years ago, the Irish-born singer launched Live Aid to assist famine-stricken Ethiopia. In an interview with Radio Times, he observed that: "the pace of change is far too slow and Africans excuse their own complicity in exactly the same way as our politicians."

Sir Bob, a member of the African Commission, established by PM Tony Blair, has often made uncomfortable statements. But his new comments come as Africa has moved to the top of the Group of Eight agenda.

Some South Africans have denounced his comment as "racist" since it is impossible to believe that Africans have any responsibility for their present poverty. Francis Kornegay, of the Centre for Policy Studies in Johannesburg and a militant campaigner for more aid money from White countries, denounced Sir Bob, saying: "Here's a Tarzan who trapezes into the continent to save it with his good works" and argued that Sir Bob is a racially/mentally inferior person who was bored "because people like him have a short attention span".

His statement follows the appearance of several celebrities (Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, Richard Gere, and Bono joined Bill Gates and Thabo Mbeki) at the World Economic Forum at Davos demanding more money for Africa.


Subject: ditch racism = ditch reality

What a wonderful career move: from leading the post-fascist MSI to becoming a kosher-conservative with the necessary Yad Vashem-visits, the Holocaust memorial marshes... and since two months a pro-immigrant stance (i.e. his proposition of legalizing all present illegal aliens in Italy) and an active anti-rascist position...

Talk about priorities: first bowing down to the Jews and secong to the coloured invaders...

Right must ditch racism to win, says Fini

John Hooper in Rome

Monday January 31, 2005

The Guardian

The leader of Italy's former neofascists, Gianfranco Fini, yesterday called on his followers to ditch racism and reject xenophobia in the interests of creating a broader movement that could "change Italy and enable the right to grow".

Mr Fini's speech was a clear signal of an intention to turn his party, the National Alliance, into one that can credibly spearhead the Italian right after the withdrawal from politics of Italy's 69-year-old prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Last November Mr Fini won a new opportunity to gain international respectability for his movement when Mr Berlusconi appointed him foreign minister.

In his most unequivocal declaration on the subject so far, Mr Fini told a congress to mark the 10th anniversary of the National Alliance's inception: "The right has nothing in common with xenophobia, nothing in common with racism or second-rate nationalism. The right is something else."

Italy's foreign minister said that perhaps the biggest issue for the immediate future was "the relationship between civilisations: the relationship between our world and Islam".

He also urged his supporters to back Turkey's entry into the EU, assuring them that "it does not represent an attack on our identity". Last year, Mr Fini astonished many of his supporters by committing the National Alliance to the cause of enfranchising immigrants. Yesterday, he said they had to "say no to being afraid of whoever is different to me". Mr Fini said it was the job of his followers to be the "hard core" of Italian conservatism.

Controversially, he offered as an example of the values of the right the internationally criticised police handling of demonstrations at the G8 meeting in Genoa four years ago. "The change that took place with the [arrival of the Berlusconi government] was seen at the Genoa G8 when the anti-globalisation left tried to throw its weight around."

Last week, a court in Genoa began hearing evidence against 47 police officers and others accused of brutality in connection with the demonstrations. Another 28 have already been sent for full trial. Mr Fini said he regretted that the courts "see fit to prosecute more police and Carabinieri than anti-globalisation demonstrators". Twenty-five protesters are also on trial.

The National Alliance came into being as a successor to the Italian Social Movement (MSI), the party founded after the second world war to keep Mussolini's ideas alive. In January 1995, at a conference in the spa town of Fiuggi, Mr Fini persuaded the MSI - then the pariah of Italian politics - to dissolve itself into a very slightly broader movement which also took in a handful of previously independent rightwing intellectuals.

The change of name and image - if not initially of ideology - set the movement on a path that has led to its becoming the second-biggest presence in Silvio Berlusconi's governing coalition. Mr Fini told delegates that, with a general election due next year, "the moment has come to go on the attack". But, hinting at further changes of policy once the vote was out of the way, he said: "There will come a time for reflection after 2006."


Subject: say, how many Iraqis have the jews had us kill for them in our name?

Britons back Iraqi toll inquiry

Wednesday 02 February 2005, 9:05 Makka Time, 6:05 GMT

Blair has previously rejected calls for an independent inquiry

A majority of Britons have said they want an investigation into the number of Iraqis killed since the 2003 invasion by US-led forces, according to a recent poll. The research, commissioned by the Count the Casualties campaign, found that the number of British people who wanted an inquiry outnumbered those who did not by nearly four to one.

The January telephone poll conducted by Mori took a nationally representative sample of 1012 adults aged over 18. Its results were released on Wednesday. Asked if an investigation should be held into the total number of Iraqi casualties since the 2003 invasion, 35% "strongly supported" and 24% "tended to support" the idea. Only 15% opposed it.

Inquiry called for

The coalition of groups that commissioned the poll called on the government to order an inquiry. "Failing to count casualties shows a fundamental disrespect for human life, allows the human cost of the invasion to grow uncontrollably and tells Iraqis that they simply don't matter," Gerard Rosenberg, director of Waging Peace, said in a statement.

"Failing to count casualties shows a fundamental disrespect for human life, allows the human cost of the invasion to grow uncontrollably and tells Iraqis that they simply don't matter" Gerard Rosenberg, director of Waging Peace

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has previously rejected calls for an independent inquiry, saying he saw no need for one.

Any totalling of the Iraqi civilian war dead could embarrass Blair before a general election expected by May in a country that mostly opposed the war. Blair's reputation has suffered over intelligence from British spy services used to justify the invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent failure to find any weapons of mass destruction ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was said to have stockpiled.

The United States, Britain and other allies have suffered nearly 1200 deaths in combat since the invasion began. Nearly 6400 Iraqi military deaths were recorded for 2003 while estimates by academics and peace activists, based on reports from at least two media sources, have put the civilian toll at close to 17,800 at its upper limit.

In July 2004 reported the number of Iraqi deaths to be about 37,000 during the six months between March and October 2003. The Lancet medical journal carried a report in October in which US scientists put civilian deaths at 100,000



US Gun Statistics

Various Sources


(A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.

(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.

(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.

(Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services)


(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000. Yes, that is 80 million.

(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.

(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.000188.

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. Remember, "Guns don't kill people, doctors do."


Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!

Out of concern for the public at large, I have withheld the statistics on lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention.



Nigger soldier gets called 'Bubba', has white wife, wins 171, 000 payoff from Ministry of Defence.

Meanwhile taxpaying citizens of ex-industrial northern England are enjoying life as it was lived circa 1665:


'The National Rodent Survey, produced by the National Pest Technicians' Association, shows a 9% rise in the number of rats in the North East last year - pest control companies put the figure closer to 25% ... According to the National Rodent Survey there are now 61.2 million rats living in the UK, approximately one for every human. The survey also showed an increase of 9% of summer rats and 1% of house mice in the North East.'

Buboes, mmmm. "I want equal rats!" You've got it, buddy, and you don't need no Martin Luther K to do it for you!


Subject: jew Chertoff

Very interesting:


Subject: Dees

Mr Linder:

You haven't posted anything about the Jew Morris Dees and his Poverty Palace for a long time. He got Terrible Tommie and Pastor Butler, as well as sucking $85,000 out of William Pierce. Your new readers may find the following history by one of his coracialists to be of interest. Perhaps this should be a permanent page on your website.

Donald E. Pauly
Zionist Rastafarian

The Church of Morris Dees

By Ken Silverstein

Harper's Magazine, November 2000

How the Southern Poverty Law Center profits from intolerance

Ah, tolerance. Who could be against something so virtuous? And who could object to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Montgomery, Alabama-based group that recently sent out this heartwarming yet mildly terrifying appeal to raise money for its "Teaching Tolerance" program, which prepares educational kits for schoolteachers? Cofounded in 1971 by civil rights lawyer cum direct-marketing millionaire Morris Dees, a leading critic of "hate groups" and a man so beatific that he was the subject of a made-for-TV movie, the SPLC spent much of its early years defending prisoners who faced the death penalty and suing to desegregate all-white institutions like Alabama's highway patrol. That was then. Today, the SPLC spends most of its time--and money--on a relentless fund- raising campaign, peddling memberships in the church of tolerance with all the zeal of a circuit rider passing the collection plate. "He's the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement," renowned anti- death-penalty lawyer Millard Farmer says of Dees, his former associate, "though I don!t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye." The Center earned $44 million last year alone--$27 million from fund-raising and $17 million from stocks and other investments-- but spent only $13 million on civil rights program , making it one of the most profitable charities in the country.

The Ku Klux Klan, the SPLC's most lucrative nemesis, has shrunk from 4 million members in the 1920s to an estimated 2,000 today, as many as 10 percent of whom are thought to be FBI informants. But news of a declining Klan does not make for inclining donations to Morris Dees and Co., which is why the SPLC honors nearly every nationally covered "hate crime" with direct-mail alarums full of nightmarish invocations of "armed Klan paramilitary forces" and "violent neo- Nazi extremists," and why Dees does legal battle almost exclusively with mediagenic villains-like Idaho's arch-Aryan Richard Butler-eager to show off their swastikas for the news cameras. In 1987, Dees won a $7 million judgment against the United Klans of America on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, whose son was lynched by two Klansmen. The UKA's total assets amounted to a warehouse whose sale netted Mrs. Donald $51,875. According to a groundbreaking series of newspaper stories in the Montgomery Advertiser, the SPLC, meanwhile, made $9 million from fund-raising solicitations featuring the case, including one containing a photo of Michael Donald's corpse. Horrifying as such incidents are, hate groups commit almost no violence. More than 95 percent of all "hate crimes," including most of the incidents SPLC letters cite (bombings, church burnings, school shootings), are perpetrated by "lone wolves." Even Timothy McVeigh, subject of one of the most extensive investigations in the FBI's history-and one of the most extensive direct-mail campaigns in the SPLC's-was never credibly linked to any militia organization.

No faith healing or infomercial would be complete without a moving testimonial. The student from whose tears this white schoolteacher learned her lesson is identified only as a child of color. "Which race," we are assured, "does not matter." Nor apparently does the specific nature of "the racist acts directed at him," nor the race of his schoolyard tormentors. All that matters, in fact, is the race of the teacher and those expiating tears. "I wept with him, feeling for once, the depth of his hurt," she confides. "His tears washed away the film that had distorted my white perspective of the world." Scales fallen from her eyes, what action does this schoolteacher propose? What Gandhi-like disobedience will she undertake in order to "reach real peace in the world"? She doesn't say but instead speaks vaguely of acting out against "the pain." In the age of Oprah and Clinton, empathy--or the confession thereof--is an end in itself.

Any good salesman knows that a products "value" is a highly mutable quality with little relation to actual worth, and Morris Dees-who made millions hawking, by direct mail, such humble commodities as birthday cakes, cookbooks (including Favorite Recipes of American Home Economics Teachers), tractor seat cushions, rat poison, and, in exchange for a mailing list containing 700,000 names, presidential candidate George McGovern-is nothing if not a good salesman. So good in fact that in 1998 the Direct Marketing Association inducted him into its Hall of Fame. "I learned everything I know about hustling from the Baptist Church," Dees has said. "Spending Sundays on those hard benches listening to the preacher pitch salvation-why, it was like getting a Ph.D. in selling." Here, Dr. Dees (the letter's nominal author) masterfully transforms, with a mere flourish of hyperbole, an education kit available "at cost" for $30 on the SPLC website into "a $325 value."

This is one of the only places in this letter where specific races are mentioned. Elsewhere, Dees and his copywriters, deploying an arsenal of passive verbs and vague abstractions, have sanitized the usually divisive issue of race of its more disturbing elements-such as angry black people-and for good reason: most SPLC donors are white. Thus, instead of concrete civil rights issues like housing discrimination and racial profiling, we get "communities seething with racial violence." Instead of racially biased federal sentencing laws, or the disparity between poor predominantly black schools and affluent white ones, or the violence against illegals along the Mexican border, the SPLC gives us "intolerance against those who are different," turning bigotry into a color- blind, equal-opportunity sin. It's reassuring to know that "Caucasians" are no more and no less guilty of this sin than African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics. In the eyes of Morris Dees, we're all sinners, all victims, and all potential contributors.

Morris Dees doesn't need your financial support. The SPLC is already the wealthiest civil rights group in America, though this letter quite naturally omits that fact. Other solicitations have been more flagrantly misleading. One pitch, sent out in 1995-when the Center had more than $60 million in reserves- informed would-be donors that the "strain on our current operating budget is the greatest in our 25-year history." Back in 1978, when the Center had less than $10 million, Dees promised that his organization would quit fund-raising and live off interest as soon as its endowment hit $55 million. But as it approached that figure, the SPLC upped the bar to $100 million, a sum that, one 1989 newsletter promised, would allow the Center "to cease the costly and often unreliable task of fund raising. " Today, the SPLC's treasury bulges with $120 million, and it spends twice as much on fund-raising-$5.76 million last year-as it does on legal services for victims of civil rights abuses. The American Institute of Philanthropy gives the Center one of the worst ratings of any group it monitors, estimating that the SPLC could operate for 4.6 years without making another tax-exempt nickel from its investments or raising another tax- deductible cent from well-meaning "people like you."

The SPLC's "other important work justice" consists mainly in spying on private citizens who belong to "hate groups," sharing its files with law-enforcement agencies, and suing the most prominent of these groups for crimes committed independently by their members-a practice that, however seemingly justified, should give civil libertarians pause. The legal strategy employed by Dees could have put the Black Panther Party out of business or bankrupted the New England Emigrant Aid Company in retaliation for crimes committed by John Brown. What the Center's other work for justice does not include is anything that might be considered controversial by donors. According to Millard Farmer, the Center largely stopped taking death-penalty cases for fear that too visible an opposition to capital punishment would scare off potential contributors. In 1986, the Center's entire legal staff quit in protest of Dees's refusal to address issues-such as homelessness, voter registration, and affirmative action- that they considered far more pertinent to poor minorities, if far less marketable to affluent benefactors, than fighting the KKK. Another lawyer, Gloria Browne, who resigned a few years later, told reporters that the Center's programs were calculated to cash in on "black pain and white guilt." Asked in 1994 if the SPLC itself, whose leadership consists almost entirely of white men, was in need of an affirmative action policy, Dees replied that "probably the most discriminated people in America today are white men when it comes to jobs."

Contributors to Teaching Tolerance might be surprised to learn how little of the SPLC's reported educational spending actually goes to education. In response to lobbying by charities, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1987 began allowing nonprofits to count part of their fundraising costs as "educational" so long as their solicitations contained an informational component. On average, the SPLC classifies an estimated 47 percent of the fund-raising letters that it sends out every year as educational, including many that do little more than instruct potential donors on the many evils of "militant right-wing extremists" and the many splendid virtues of Morris Dees. According to tax documents, of the $10. 8 million in educational spending the SPLC reported in 1999, $4 million went to solicitations. Another $2.4 million paid for stamps.

In the early 1960s, Morris Dees sat on the sidelines honing his direct- marketing skills and practicing law while the civil rights movement engulfed the South. "Morris and I...shared the overriding purpose of making a pile of money," recalls Dees's business partner, a lawyer named Millard Fuller (not to be confused with Millard Farmer). "We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich." They were so unparticular, in fact, that in 1961 they defended a man, guilty of beating up a journalist covering the Freedom Riders, whose legal fees were paid by the Klan. ("I felt the anger of a black person for the first time," Dees later wrote of the case. "I vowed then and there that nobody would ever again doubt where I stood.") In 1965, Fuller sold out to Dees, donated the money to charity, and later started Habitat for Humanity. Dees bought a 200-acre estate appointed with tennis courts, a pool, and stables, and, in 1971, founded the SPLC, where his compensation has risen in proportion to fund-raising revenues, from nothing in the early seventies to $273,000 last year. A National Journal survey of salaries paid to the top officers of advocacy groups shows that Dees earned more in 1998 than nearly all of the seventy-eight listed, tens of thousands more than the heads of such groups as the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the Children's Defense Fund. The more money the SPLC receives, the less that goes to other civil rights organizations, many of which, including the NAACP, have struggled to stay out of bankruptcy. Dees's compensation alone amounts to one quarter the annual budget of the Atlanta- based Southern Center for Human Rights, which handles several dozen death- penalty cases a year. "You are a fraud and a conman," the Southern Center's director, Stephen Bright, wrote in a 1996 letter to Dees, and proceeded to list his many reasons for thinking so, which included "your failure to respond to the most desperate needs of the poor and powerless despite your millions upon millions, your fund-raising techniques, the fact that you spend so much, accomplish so little, and promote yourself so shamelessly." Soon the SPLC win move into a new six-story headquarters in downtown Montgomery, just across the street from its current headquarters, a building known locally as the Poverty Palace.


Ken Silverstein is a contributing editor of Harper's Magazine and the author of Private Warriors, an investigation of the arms trade published last August by Verso.


Subject: jews are committing genocide against whites

February 1, 2005

Hi, Frosty:

I forgot to mention your oustanding analyses posted on Rense:

But you must be fully aware that pro-immigrationists, Left and Right, are able to shoot you down with one word: "RACIST".

To defend against that charge, you (we) must take an offensive position: charge pro-immigrationists with an anti-white/anti-Western - GENOCIDAL and CUL- TURICIDAL - agenda against our founding race and culture.

Of course, eveyone is racist. But liberals, and certain evil "conservatives," use "racist" FIRST--to disarm you (us).

My previous mailing drives home the point of how important the NAME-CALLING game is (pasted below in the postcript).

It's like playing a game of chess, except our very lives hang in the balance in this "game."

Another thing, RUSH LIMBAUGH is no social conservative, as he has served the powers that be on the Right with the utmost verve.

In fact, and I'll not explain it to you why, here, but he has done more harm to the cause of controlling immigration (legal and illegal) than any other single conservative.

Until he begins to rant incessantly against U.S. immgration policies, it ought to be one of our main priorities to evict him from his position on the airwaves.

Read my articles about him in here:

Best Regards,



The Naming Game ( from "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder" ):

2266) [LETTER TO A MUDDLE-HEADED CONSERVATIVE ABOUT THE NAMING GAME AND HIS FAILURE TO RESPOND EFFECTIVELY TO LIBERALS' NAME-CALLING]: Here's why the Right is failing to win the culture wars: They fail at the NAMING GAME! While leftists are very clever about thinking up PROPAGANDISTIC terms to advance their socialist/communist causes terms such as "desegregation" (actually forced integration), "diversity" (actually anti-white racism) and "feminism" (actually anti-logic--or anti-masculinism) the Right appears to be too muddle-headed to counter the PROPAGANDA. And they are muddle-headed!, as this scribbler has been trying for years to persuade a host of notable conservatives TO PLAY THE NAMING GAME AS WELL AS, if not better than, THE LEFTand to no avail. For example, rightists will use the term "illegal immigration" in their SAVE-AMERICA rants where "anti-white immigration" is more to the point and powerful; they use "affirmative action" where the term "affirmative racism" reveals the truth of it; they use "feminism" where "anti-masculinism" serves better; they use "racism" where "anti-mongrelism" explains far better their save-the-race cause; they use nothing effectual in response to the charge of homophobia where "logicphobia" (my term) would shoot it down; they use nothing effectual in response to being called "xenophobic" where asking the accuser, "Were Native Indians being xenophobic to oppose white invaders?," would shut him/her up; they use nothing effectual in response to leftists' claim that "America is a nation of immigrants" where explaining that "America has been a nation of WHITE immigrants until after passage of the anti-white/anti-Western Immigration Act of 1965" would knock down that claim; they use nothing effectual in response to "diversity is our strength" where "diversity is anti-white/anti-Western racism" slams home rational conservatism; and they fail to use t-h-e MOST EFFECTIVE charge to counter America's the Left's anti-white/anti-Western immigration, refugee and asylum policies: They are GENOCIDAL and CULTURICIDAL for the founding race and culture of white Western civilization! And the list goes on and on to describe how ineffectual right-wing opinion-makers are. This scribbler even makes up new words to assault the Left's illogical positions, such as LOGICPHOBE and TRUCFEMISM (the latter term is defined as "emotion-driven violence from the Left," to counter its use of "FASCISM" for tagging right-wing violence; a wholly false attribution, by the way, as fascism is still a brand of leftism, but in alliance with corporatists). So don't back down from any name-calling liberal. Fire back! If they call you "racist," call them "mongrelist" (if not for racism on the part of our ancient ancestors, we'd look more simian than human); if they call you "bigot," call them "libertine" (a resolute belief in God necessarily makes one a bigot, opposed to the civilization-destroying hedonism of the libertine); if they call you, well, you get the picture (be creative!). Or do you? Are you too muddle-headed to get it? Lastly, you need to carry with you the bottom-line understanding that Marxian Jews are the ARCHITECTS of the West's steep moral, cultural and economic decline. Never Forget!as Marxian Jews control the Left in the West, and Zionist Jews the Right. Marxian Jews had set out to destroy WASP culture (the white race and Western culture) after arriving here from Eastern Europe, beginning in the late 1800s (read my essay, "The Forward," to find an admission by Jews, printed in their national newspaper, that they had had the goal to use the pen and transform America to fit their socialistic model; and they have!).


Subject: race exists


Racial groupings match genetic profiles, Stanford study finds STANFORD, Calif. - Checking a box next to a racial/ethnic category gives several pieces of information about people - the continent where their ancestors were born, the possible color of their skin and perhaps something about their risk of different diseases. But a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine finds that the checked box also says something about a person's genetic background.

This work comes on the heels of several contradictory studies about the genetic basis of race. Some found that race is a social construct with no genetic basis while others suggested that clear genetic differences exist between people of different races.

What makes the current study, published in the February issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, more conclusive is its size. The study is by far the largest, consisting of 3,636 people who all identified themselves as either white, African-American, East Asian or Hispanic. Of these, only five individuals had DNA that matched an ethnic group different than the box they checked at the beginning of the study. That's an error rate of 0.14 percent.


Subject: first road, next themselves?


American Nazi Party adopts Salem road

The county OKs the group to avoid a free-speech lawsuit


Marion County workers put up this Adopt-A-Road sign Monday.

January 28, 2005

Marion County has allowed a Portland-area skinhead group to adopt a rural Salem road as part of a volunteer litter clean-up program. The signs proclaiming that Sunnyview Road NE between Cordon Road and 82nd Avenue is sponsored by the American Nazi Party NSM were installed Monday.

County officials say they were legally advised that excluding the organization would violate a constitutional right to free speech. Their choices, they said, were: allow the group to join the program, remove all of the signs from the program or refuse the group and risk a lawsuit.

Commissioner Sam Brentano said he wanted to turn the organization down anyway and face whatever lawsuits came.

He was outnumbered by commissioners Patti Milne and Janet Carlson. The commissioners did not vote on the issue, but gave staff direction by consensus. Milne said she considers it strictly a constitutional issue that goes to the core of being American. Carlson said she didn't want to end a good program for many volunteers as a way to keep this group from joining.

Several local residents, some of them who live on Sunnyview Road, said they are upset that the county would allow the signs or attach its own name to that of a hate group. "To me, it just screams hate," said Jacque Bryant of Salem. "It screams doesn't belong here."

Bryant heard about the sign from her grandmother and had a strong emotional reaction to it when she saw it for herself. She hopes enough community outrage will force the county to remove the sign. Salem resident Mike Navarro, whose mother lives near the area, also was stunned by the sign.

Navarro said that the group has a right to its own opinions but that it's poor judgment for a county to put itself in the position of appearing to endorse a hate group. There should be some level of sensitivity in these kinds of decisions, Navarro said.

"To me, that's kind of cowardly. 'We don't want to get sued,' " Navarro said. "You're probably offending the majority of the people in your county just to pacify the needs of a very select group of people who thrive on hating." [wow, if there were ever a perfect description of jews...]


Subject: nigs be 'neerin' an' shit

"Engineering In His Genes", in Nova Sciences News (PBS-TV), January 30, 2005.

The host of Nova Science News starts by noting: "This engineer does not have A, C, G or T molecules in his DNA, he has 'E, N, G, I, N, E, E, R, I, N, G' in his very DNA." >[African-American] James McLurkin is a genius engineer. Victimized in high school for being brilliant, he now devotes himself to educating the next generation of Black engineers, in special segregated Black-only Univerity high school classes. Excelling as an engineer is simply in the genes of Black men, since being geniuses is simply in their genes. ( http://www.pbs.or/nova/sciencenews )

(Note: This segment was immediately followed by a Nova Science News commercial that noted how Nova had led a young White man to realize that his profession should be construction worker; working as a manual laborer is simply in the genes of White men, since being dull-witted in in their genes.)


Subject: Iceland sez NO!

Movement for Active Democracy in Iceland.

Declaration: The Invasion of Iraq -- Not In Our Name.

Reykjavik: Movement for Active Democracy in Iceland ( ), December 21, 2005.

We, citizens of Iceland, protest in the strongest possible terms against the Icelandic authorities' support for the invasion of Iraq by the United States of America and the "coalition of the willing" in March 2003. With their declaration of support, the Icelandic authorities violated Icelandic law, international law -- and Icelandic democratic tradition.

The decision to support the invasion was made unilaterally by the prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Iceland, without prior discussion by Iceland's Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs. This is mandatory under Icelandic law, which says that all major foreign policy issues shall be discussed by the committee. This decision has not been debated, much less approved, either by the parliament or by the Government of Iceland.

Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, has described the invasion by the United States and its allies as not being in accordance with the UN Charter, making it illegal under international law.

Iceland has never had an army of its own. The Icelandic parliament refused to declare war on Germany and Japan in 1945, which was the condition for becoming a founding member of the United Nations. As a founding members of NATO in 1949 Iceland specifically stated that it would not declare war on another nation.

The Icelandic ministers' decision to support the invasion of Iraq is a blemish on Iceland's political history and a setback for democracy in Iceland. It is in breach of the traditions of the Althing (Iceland's parliament) -- the world's oldest national legislative assembly. All opinion polls have shown that the vast majority of Icelanders oppose the Icelandic ministers' support for the invasion of Iraq (84% in the latest national poll).

We apologise to the Iraqi people for the Icelandic ministers' support for the invasion of Iraq. We demand that Iceland be immediately removed from the list of invaders in the "coalition of the willing".

Iceland has enjoyed friendly relations with the United States for a long time. That relationship has been based on mutual trust and frankness. We therefore consider it our duty to make these views known -- to the United States of America as well as other nations.

Movement for Active Democracy in Iceland

(Over 4000 Icelanders made donations to publish this declaration. as a proportion of the national population, this would be equivalent to 4 million Americans taking part. All opinion polls have shown that the vast majority of Icelanders oppose the Icelandic ministers' support for the invasion of Iraq (84% in the latest national poll).)

[Full page advertisement in the New York Times, January 21, 2005. p. A19.]


Subject: ACLjU

Stephanie Strom. "ACLU Will Consider Disciplining Two Members; Affiliate Criticizes Them For Speaking Out", in New York Times, January 14, 2005. p. A18.

The ACLU is to begin a debate on whether to discipline or oust two board members (Wendy Kaminer and Michael Meyers; there are 83 board members) who violated ACLU secrecy by speaking to the press. The debate was requested by the ACLU affiliate in Oregon. Moreover, the proposal to remove the two was advanced as a necessary to preserve the ACLU commitment to human rights, by Catherine S. Travis, a lawyer who sits on the board of ACLU-Oregon. Travis has demanded complete censorship of all internal debate.

Last summer, Kaminer and Meyers began poresisng for more information on whether the ACLU had agreed to check the names of its employees against government watchlists of [Muslim] terrorists. The ACLU in public has condemned the watchlists. Moreover, ACLU executive director Anthony Romero had secretly requested that the Ford Foundation include language from the Patriot Act in its grant award to the ACLU. The ACLU in public has condemned the Patriot Act.

More recently, dissident board members have been very critical of Romero for collecting intelligence on major donors to the ACLU without informing the board what data would be obtained and by whom. Recently, Doug Erpf, a consultant with Community Counsling Service, who had collected such data for ACLU offered the New York Times a spreadsheet from 7/2001 containing information about 1027 of its wealthiest donors, including their net worth, stck holdings and past contributions to the ACLU. Romero responded with fury, stating that the ACLU would prosecute any leakers and states that Erpf signed a confidentiality agreement. At the same time, the ACLU contends its intelligence operations targeting donors is a routine practice among non-profit organizations.

Two ACLU donors, Warren J. Spector, president and COO of Bear Stearns Cos., and Harold Kuhn, a professor emeritus of mathematics at Princeton University, expressed their full confidence in the ACLU.



(It is obvious that anyone who says racial differences are real is wrong, except when racial differences can kill you... then it is racist to not provide special enhanced services to the mixed race.)

Erin Texeira. "Multiracial Patients Fight Uphill Battle for Marrow; 'It's Like Winning the Lottery'; Medical Community Makes a Push for Minority Donors", in Seattle Times, January 31, 2005. p. A2.

Luko Do, was 18-month old when he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. He has a mother who is part European and part Japanese, and a father who is Vietnamese. Since bone marrow donors must come from the same race, multiracial individuals rarely identify a donor, and the biological differences between difference races make cross race marrow lethal. Do was lucky, when a mixed race Japanese-American police officer in Seattle was identified as a donor.

In Los Altos, California, the Riveria family is having a impossible time finding a donor for their multiracial European/Puerto Rican child with Downs Syndrome.

Only 2% of people lists as donors with the National Marrow Donor program, although multiracials are becoming the major focus of marrow donor research. Almost all listed donors are European, providing European-Americans with a 90% likelihood of a match.

The mixed-race activist Maven Foundation in Seattle argues that the failure of society to focus on the marrow needs of the mixed race. Yet a national effort is underway to increase medical services to the mixed race: Much of the effort is in California, where there are half the ten leading Mixed Race cities (including Hayward, Stockton and Daly City). Nationwide there are 7 million Mixed Race. Mavin estimates the number is closed to 10 million. yet even within a single race, Africans, there are many racial types, compared with Europeans, who are unusually genetically similar.


Subject: Southron

What VNNsteiner fail to realize is for the fucking jew lies about this fake holocaust and the trillions of brainwashings that go on 24/7/365 thanks to your boy Hitler the carpetbagging part jew from Austria who had the fucking nerve to stand in front of duped Germans and decalre he was a German Aryan in the same way puppet Bush tries to act like a southerner from Texas good ole boy bullshit lie with his kike nig spic cabinet, is the greatest of all equalizers for these vipers is that same peasant messiah of White Man Religion that they hate with a fucking passion worse than any other thing on the planet.

So as long as they keep throwing the 6 million holocaust lies they need to keep getting a dose of the WMR peasant boy they murdered as their tools continue to dupe the Xians and fail to have anything to do with producing a film like Passion that was rejected as anti-semitic the world over yet Gentiles poured in to see.

VNNsteiners must know that the only thing a jew fears is the peasant messiah. Otherwise all the bad mouthing and bombs in the world couldnt put a small dent in the children of hell. Afterall why in the hell would have had him killed and plotted so against him that is clearly written in the worlds biggest selling media book that used the old jew book against them by building on it with a new anti jew book.

Although they have weakened the peasant messiah in Kwa and the white race in the 20th century while killing off half the white race the fear of the peasant messiah is still in the jew viper tool of hell. Jews dont fear atheists, hell they welcome them. Jews only fear the little peasant poor guy from 2k yrs ago they murdered that still comes back to haunt them so the 6 million holocaust bullshit is the best they can come with to divert attention from the dead peasant they detest.

Afterall without the 6 million holocaust nobody would feel any sympathy for the jew since before Hitler brought this into existence the oldtime Xian racist separatist knew who the jew was and treated him like the snake he was.

Take away the holocaust and you got nothing for jewboy. Even with the modern nigjewspicyankatheist fucked up bullshit you still have the immoral words written down in the best selling book in all history for the past 1700 yrs that has sold billions of copies and still selling just as brisk that clearly and unequivocably has one of their own calling his own people " a pit of vipers" who "serve their father who is in hell and the orginal liar and murderer who killed all the prophets" among others.

The jews know they can never get away from the the peasant messiah words and can only keep trying to atheize Kwa and the white race and remix the races with their inferior race tools or brainwash cuntheads and makes big icon statues in DC while brainwashing with porn, taking down the white male, taking down the white female, etc.

White Man Religion in spite of the quirks and idiots are and will always remain the biggest threat to the jew who will always keep slithering its coils around it in an attempt to reduce it or infiltrate it or outlaw it.

Try to imagine where the world would be without WMR and the little peasant guy since even with all this the jew viper and his father still own the planet.


Subject: gypnosis -- itz real

1995 at the Belarusskiy Train station, a gypsy woman approached me and started reading my palm, unsolicited. My Russian friends told me that if they do this to you, punch them in the face immediately and walk away. I was too polite, and curious. I started to realize it was a con job, and started to walk away, but the gypsy woman had a helper, who said to me, "Oh, no you should listen to her, she is telling you the truth." What do you know! It was just enough. She eventually convinced me to "bless my money" and snagged the 50,000 ruble note (about 12 dollars) and that was it.

I knew a Chechen girl and asked her about it. I told her I wanted to do gypnosis. She said only brown eyed people are capable of gypnosis. People with blue and green eyes are too honest, too transparent, to do gypnosis.

Certainly it's possible to learn it, and it could be used to steal from Jews and rich race traitors on the street in NYC or other places. You would simply have to team up with a few dirty, toothless gypsy women to learn the trade, and yourself be a brown eyed person. I don't know if NB Forrest was joking, but I'd have no quibble with someone of our ranks learning the gypsy arts. We need all the help we can get.


Subject: fuckity fuck fuck, fuckity fuck fuck, look at fucky go!


Subject: The "F" word

There are only eleven times in history where the "F" word has been considered acceptable for use.

They are as follows:

11. "What the @#$% do you mean, we are sinking?" -- Capt. E. J. Smith of RMS. Titanic, 1912

10. "What the @#$% was that?" -- Mayor of Hiroshima, 1945

9. "Where did all those @#$%ing Indians come from?" -- Custer, 1877

8. "Any @#$%ing idiot could understand that." -- Einstein, 1938

7. "It does so @#$%ing look like her!" -- Picasso, 1926

6. "How the @#$% did you work that out?" -- Pythagoras, 126 BC

5. "You want WHAT on the @#$%ing ceiling?" -- Michelangelo, 1566

4. "Where the @#$% are we?" -- Amelia Earhart, 1937

3. "Scattered @#$%ing showers, my ass!" -- Noah, 4314 BC

2. "Aw c'mon. Who the @#$% is going to find out?" -- Bill Clinton, 1998

and a drum roll please............!

1. "Geez, I didn't think they'd get this @%#*^ing mad." -- Saddam Hussein, 2003


Subject: non-jews suffer? that sounds anti-semitic

Dear Ed

Guenther Grass, famous author of "Die Blechtrommel" "Tin Drum",( there was a fine american movie made of this one), has written a novel about the tragic ship, Gustloff which I read last year. This book is no way anti-Nazi or political in any sense. Grass points out that not only Jewish people but even Germans may suffer during a war.

Grass is not popular in the NY publishing culture but they dare not disparage this giant openly.



Subject: best o' lewpieblog

O'Reilly and Randians
Posted by Stephan Kinsella at 11:54 PM

Randians who saw O'Reilly tonight must be in a tizzy. Though he pronounced "Ayn" correctly, in discussing critics of the Iraqi election, he lumped the Ayn Rand Institute in with "other anti-war" groups. He mentioned left-wingers, international lefties, and the "right-wing" Ayn Rand Institute as all opposing the elections in Iraq. I think he was referring to their view that we should not liberate Iraq out of compassion for Iraqis, but rather only in our self-interest, something like that. The Randians are far from anti-war, so this must have appalled them. Those Randians are so CUTE when they get angry.

Viktor Yushchenko's Poisoned Tale
Where the majority of the media and the other human rights groups are content passing off conventional wisdom and government propaganda as truth, the British Helsinki Human Rights Group's dogged insistence on first-hand reporting has once again produced incredible results. The Group's follow-up to the sensationalistic stories of the "poisoning" of Ukrainian president-elect Viktor Yushchenko is another example of how much more there always is to the story -- and how little anyone seems interested in reporting it.

Its latest follow-up report on the topic raises new questions about the "poisoning." I strongly urge anyone interested in this fascinating chapter of how Western-funded and possibly orchestrated political propaganda can affect world opinion and indeed determine elections to read the entire BHHRG report, but here are some main points from their latest:

Continue reading "Viktor Yushchenko's Poisoned Tale"

Where the majority of the media and the other human rights groups are content passing off conventional wisdom and government propaganda as truth, the British Helsinki Human Rights Group's dogged insistence on first-hand reporting has once again produced incredible results. The Group's follow-up to the sensationalistic stories of the "poisoning" of Ukrainian president-elect Viktor Yushchenko is another example of how much more there always is to the story -- and how little anyone seems interested in reporting it.

Its latest follow-up report on the topic raises new questions about the "poisoning." I strongly urge anyone interested in this fascinating chapter of how Western-funded and possibly orchestrated political propaganda can affect world opinion and indeed determine elections to read the entire BHHRG report, but here are some main points from their latest:

1) Dr. Nikolai Korpan, the Ukrainian doctor who proclaimed in the name of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic that Yushchenko was definitely poisoned, was not, in fact, an employee of the clinic. He rented out space there for his own "cryosurgery" practice.

2) Dr. Lothar Wicke, Medical Director of the Rudolfinerhaus, hotly contested the pronouncements of poisoning -- made without a shred of clinical evidence -- and forced a notice to appear on the clinic's website between 30 September and 11 December stating that no evidence of poisoning had been found.

3) Though Dr. Wicke formally resigned from the clinic because of a heavy workload, he subsequently ominously commented to a BHHRG rapporteur that he did not think that a medical clinic should be used for political purposes, and that Ukraine should chose its own president without the interference either of the USA or Russia.

4) Dr. Wicke told the BHHRG about death threats he had received by telephone from Ukraine after he expressed his doubts on the poisoning.

5) The man who performed the dioxin tests, Professor Bram Brouwer of the Free University of Amsterdam, is an environmental and not forensic toxicologist -- essentially a food inspector. He invented a method of dioxin testing that is quick but not particularly accurate.

6) In the UK, a neurologist, two dermatologists and two toxicologists (one of them is one of the leading toxicologists in Europe) were on standby to examine Yushchenko. He cancelled his trip at the last minute.

7) Brouwer initially claimed that Yushchenko's dioxin levels were so high that the only explanation for them was that a third person had administered them -- that he had been deliberately poisoned. It is this claim that made headlines around the world. When asked why he had not contacted any forensic doctors, criminal toxicologists, or the prosecuting authorities, Dr Brouwer did not answer.

8) When BHHRG asked how he could say with certainty that Yushchenko had been deliberately poisoned, when the only known precedent for a similar dioxin contamination was believed to have been caused by an industrial accident, Dr Brouwer admitted that he could not say that Yushchenko has definitely been deliberately poisoned. He told BHHRG, "I cannot say how the dioxins got there."

There you have it. As the world's headlines screamed "Yushchenko Poisoned," the truth is that even the "food inspector" who proclaimed it had to admit that he had absolutely nothing on which to base this assertion. This is how it is done. This is a critical part of the recipe for post-modern coup d'etat. But the West succeeded, Yushchenko is president, "people power" is triumphant over the rule of law, the concept of national sovereignty is further undermined, and the rest is history...

tyrannus in titula
Posted by Anthony Gregory at 07:18 PM

Remember the statue of Saddam that came down in central Baghdad, which journalists fibbed about, echoing the administration line that the Iraqi people did it and it validated the war?

Well, get this. The new mayor of Baghdad may erect a new statue in the center of the capital, honoring the likeness ofyou guessed itGeorge Bush. The mayor says the state-financed graven image of Bush will be appropriate, since Bush is a "symbol of freedom."

Funny enough, I found this story online cited by a liberventionist, who seemed enthused about the whole thing.

The Smearers Are in Overdrive
Posted by Thomas Woods at 05:57 PM

Many thanks to the great Justin Raimondo for replying to a particularly ill-mannered critic of mine. It's almost funny: won't any of them try to answer my arguments? First we have Mr. Cohen of the New York Times, who just lists what I say as if it's self-refuting (he wishes), and now this fellow, who simply changes the subject over and over or dredges up out-of-context quotations, some of them from nine years ago. Where exactly is my book wrong, sir?

[jews don't debate. the holocaust, or anything else. they don't need to. if you don't identify them by name - jews - and by game - tyranny - nothing will change.]

Thanks to

January 30, 2005

George Will Orwell [how about George Orwill, you tone-deaf idiot]
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at 09:56 PM

Two of the more absurd statements in George Will's conservative ode to Big Government, noted below by Lew, are his assertion that Big Government shapes our souls (!), and that bigger and more activist government somehow makes us more independent of Big Government.

Could George Will possibly be more Orwellian? According to Will, onservatives now think it proper that the Ted Kennedys, Barney Franks, Bill Clintons, Newt Gingriches, and Tom Delays of the world should take on the God-like task of "shaping mens' souls." If so, they must think it quite natural that the state should also control our minds and bodies as well. It should deprive us of all liberty and individualism, supposedly to make us more free and individualistic.

Only a moron could fall for Will's statement that a more activist government would end up making us more independent of government. As "evidence," he cites the Social Security Act, which made millions of Americans MORE dependent on the state, and the G.I. Bill, which has always been used as a "justification" for more and more state control of higher education, making private educational institutions ever MORE dependent on the state and its edicts. The G.I. Bill started the plague of political correctness on college campuses.

Murray Rothbard was dead right when he described William F. Buckley, Jr. as a "totalitarian socialist" back in the 1950s. Rothbard wrote that after quoting Buckley himself as saying that America needed "a totalitarian bureaucracy within our own shores" to fight the Cold War. How else should an advocate of "totalitarian bureaucracy" be described? George Will is simply spouting an updated version of Buckleyite conservative totalitarianism, popularly known today as neoconservtivism. But as Lew says, there's really nothing "neo" about it.

Neos, Cons and Secession
Posted by Anthony Gregory at 07:13 PM

Lew, that George Will column is very telling: "...the core of conservatism updated for Republicans who think of themselves as a party of governance rather than of opposition to government, and who have come to terms with this fact: Americans talk like Jeffersonians but expect to be governed by Hamiltonians."

Rather, Republicans talk like Jeffersonians when not in power, but govern like Hamiltonians once they take power. I'm glad to see American conservatism return to its roots -- its Hamiltonian roots. Now, if only the liberals realize that the free market isn't rightwing -- that, in fact, the rightwing Bismarck invented the modern welfare state and that today's GOP practices the exact mercantilism that Adam Smith developed free market economics to discredit -- perhaps both terms, "liberal" and "conservative," can be restored to their 19th century meanings. That would be terrific. Then the statists on the "left" can admit they're conservatives and the liberals on the right can admit they're not conservatives.

As for secession of Vermont, Tom, I think that it's a great idea. The first state to outlaw slavery and, for a long time, the only one to truly respect the right to bear arms, Vermont has some good history and libertarian inclinations. Yes, it also has some socialist ones. But if they secede, the Vermont economy would undoubtedly be less wrapped up in institutionalized coercion than it is now. Free Vermont, and free us all as well!


Subject: jew Saban, owner of Germany's #1 tv station

Haim Saban

Yet another billionaire Jewish activist, with tentacles in Germany and the US.


September 5, 2004Schlepping to Moguldom


HAIM SABAN, one of the nation's richest and most improbable media magnates, was slouched in a leather seat aboard his Gulfstream jet during a trip from Los Angeles to New York this spring, rattling on about his support for Israel. After devouring a bagel covered in lox, he leaned forward and launched into his favorite story from the Democratic presidential primaries. "Did I tell you what Howard Dean told me?" he asked, knowing full well that he had not, at least not yet today. "Do you know how he tells me that he is going to support Israel?" he recounted, with a look of incredulity. "He tells me, 'Don't you know my wife is Jewish?' " Mr. Saban, 59, let out a sharp laugh, pausing for effect, before delivering his punch line. "Do you know what I told him? I said, 'Governor, the fact that your wife is Jewish is your problem.'

"A self-described "cartoon schlepper," Mr. Saban became a billionaire by turning the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into a global franchise that he merged with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and, in 2001, sold to the Walt Disney Company for $5.3 billion. He has since emerged as perhaps the most politically connected mogul in Hollywood, throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli.

"I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel," he said in his first extensive interview in years.

To that end, he has become one of the largest individual donors in the country to the Democratic Party and its candidates, giving millions over the past decade - $7 million in just one donation to the Democratic National Committee in 2002. He recently had Senator John Kerry over to his chateau-style home in Beverly Hills. ("We played guitar and kibitzed," he said.) He regularly spends hours at a time on the phone with Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister. He vacations with Bill Clinton.

At the same time, Mr. Saban has been bidding - or at least kicking the tires - on media properties around the world as he looks to expand his empire and, by extension, his political reach.But what really has people talking in Hollywood and Washington is his most ambitious project yet: he is the proud owner of the largest television broadcaster in Germany. "I know, I know. I get the irony," he said with a smile.

A year ago, Mr. Saban beat out his one-time partner, Mr. Murdoch, and many other media titans to buy the broadcaster, ProSiebenSat.1 Media, putting him in control of a company that owns the rough equivalent of CBS, ABC, TBS and Nickelodeon.

"That level of ownership would never be allowed in the U.S.," he acknowledged.


Subject: Russia linked, as they smear, to Syria

Central Asia

Jan 28, 2005

Russian bear makes Israel jittery

By K Gajendra Singh

While Syrian President Bashar Assad denied that he was in Moscow to shop for weapons, he defended his country's right to acquire surface-to-air missiles from Russia. He said during his four-day visit that was due to end on Thursday that "these are weapons for air defense, meant to prevent aircraft from intruding in our airspace".

"If Israel objects to our acquisition of these defensive weapons, it is as if it is saying, 'We want to attack Syria but we do not want them to defend themselves.' That's not logical," concluded Assad while addressing the State Institute for Foreign Relations. But Assad reiterated an earlier denial of a deal for SA-18 missiles and long-range Iskandar-E missiles that could reach targets all over Israel.


Subject: why Moore avoided Israel in his "documentary" focusing on Bushies and Arabs

Rahm Emmanuel, former Clinton adviser, current congressman from Illinois, staunch supporter of Israel, and suspected by many of being "Mega", the Mossad mole in the Clinton White House, has a brother, Ari Emmanuel, who just happens to be Michael Moore's agent. ======================================

Subject: Zundel

Dear Alex, I hope you are doing great -- hey I'm just a humble internet activist trying to generate a little buzz for everyone's favorite thought criminal Ernst Zundel. I thought I'd paste all the upcoming Zundel Rally info that I could find onto one page and send out the link, perhaps posibly you could post this link up in a prominent position on your front page or in the reader mail section? I will add to this thread if there are any updates --

Yours in Exposing Holahoaxing Fraudsters...(and having fun while doing so)

Kind Regards -- FZN


Ingrid Rimland Zundel to Address IHR Meeting, Feb. 3

'Free Zundel' Demonstration in Los Angeles, Feb. 4

For nearly two years now, Ernst Zundel -- German-born civil rights activist, writer and publisher -- has been held in solitary confinement in a Canadian prison on the empty pretext that he is a threat to national security. So blatant is the injustice of his incarceration that even Canada's most prestigious daily paper, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and other independent observers, have condemned it.

To mark the second anniversary of his detention, his wife, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, will address a special IHR meeting on February 3 in southern California.

And the next day, she and others will meet at the Canadian Consulate in downtown Los Angeles to demand freedom for the man who has become the most prominent political prisoner in North America. Similar demonstrations will be held at the same time in other American cities.

Join us Friday, February 4, at noon, in central Los Angeles, outside the Canadian Consulate at 550 South Hope Street (near Sixth and Flower streets), just beside the Los Angeles Public Library.

The IHR meeting on Thursday evening, February 3, 2005, will be from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at a hotel in Orange County, California. For security reasons, the location is not being made public. Details are being mailed to select persons in southern California, and are available by telephone to known friends of the IHR.

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, herself a noted author and activist, will speak about the arrest and detention of her husband, and the international campaign for his freedom. Her address is entitled: "The Political Abduction of Ernst Zundel: They Came for me in America."

IHR Director Mark Weber, who testified for five days as an expert witness in the 1988 "Holocaust Trial" of Zundel in Toronto, will provide perspective on his life and struggle, and the campaign for his release.

P.O. Box 2739
Newport Beach, California 92659

Tel. 949 - 631 1490

MAP: Canadian Consulate at 550 South Hope Street (near Sixth and Flower streets), just beside the Los Angeles Public Library.


Source: Institute for Historical Review

Zundel Protest Demonstrations Planned
Announcement: 2005-01-10

Please participate and stand for justice for this totally innocent man!

by Ingrid Rimland Zundel

THE TWO-YEAR anniversary of Ernst Zundel's imprisonment in solitary confinement in an atrocious prison in Canada is approaching. The date is February 5. Zundel, a lifelong pacifist who challenges the orthodox version of the "Holocaust," was kidnapped in Tennessee two years ago and is kept incarcerated as a political prisoner. We have the evidence, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that Canadian government entities were at least partly involved. We even have some names! There have been no charges against Ernst Zundel. Bail has been repeatedly refused. Judge Blais, the Canadian judge running a Stalinist type show trial, is a former boss of the very intelligence agency that has compiled "secret evidence" against Zundel -- evidence that neither Zundel nor even his attorneys are allowed to know. Not a single witness has been called by Zundel's political enemies. Witnesses called by the Zundel defense team have been disallowed. Meaningful cross-examination has been destroyed. These so-called "security certificate" hearings and proceedings have been a sham! Canada needs to be held accountable in the eyes of the world for permitting such an unconscionable judicial lynching of a man who has no criminal record, who merely defends his right to a point of view on history that millions of people all over the world find intriguing -- and worth contemplating.

It is time to shame Canada -- a so-called "democratic" country that allows and condones such an abomination to please a yammering minority! We are planning a number of protests before Canadian consulates in the United States on February 5. If possible, we will also coordinate similar protests in other countries.

Below is a list of the cities in the United States that offer hospitality to Canadian Consulates. If you live near such a city and would like to participate, or perhaps even organize a protest on Feburary 5, please get in touch with me.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Seattle Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Buffalo Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Chicago Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - New York Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Minneapolis Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Atlanta Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Boston Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Dallas Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Washington Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Detroit Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Miami Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - San Francisco Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - San Jose Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Los Angeles Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Denver Consulate of Canada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Raleigh-Durham Consulate of Canada.

If you live in a country other than the United States and can coordinate a protest, please get in touch with me. I will prove press kits for media and instructions.

My fax number is 865-774-7758, since my email is not reliable. We are trying to cover as many cities as we can. Thank you very much for caring!

Ingrid Rimland Zundel

Related stories:

Ernst Zundel Complaint to UN Human Rights Committee, Geneva


Quote: We are still working on organizing protest demonstrations next week (February 4 and 5, possibly also February 7) in various American cities. So far it looks like these cities are:

Los Angeles
Washington, DC
San Francisco
(Still in the works: Either Buffalo or Detroit)

I was recently informed that there is also going to be a protest demo in Stockholm, Sweden. I wish that more countries would join in this Zundel protest, but we just don't have the organizational strength to make these protest demos a concerted global effort. -- Ingrid Rimland Zundel , fax number 865-774-7758


Subject: needs flea/tick/jew bath

May 13-15 2005 - St. Louis, MO

The 2005 National Conference for Media Reform will provide a forum to discuss visionary and practical solutions to the problems of our media.

The conference will bring together activists, media creators, academics, and policy-makers for three days of learning, sharing, networking and momentum-building


Subject: more innocent children murdered by jews

A Memo From: Retired U.S. General James J. David

While the Palestinians, including militant groups such as Hamas, make every attempt for a cease fire, the Israelis continue to kill more Palestinian children. Just 5 days ago the Israelis shot and killed a 3-year-old Palestinian girl while the young child sat in her own home

[ ]. Today, the Israelis shot and killed a 10-year-old Palestinian girl while she stood in line at her day school. Yet, the only news we get from the U.S. media is praise to Sharon and his Israeli thugs for their efforts towards peace. You can bet you won't get it in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or if you do it will be a one sentence hidden in the "Other World News" summary. They are too busy praising Israel's concessions and their efforts at peace. Peace is the last thing that Sharon wants. With peace the Israelis fear that the U.S. handouts would end. Now, I wait to see how the media reports Hamas revenge for this killing. I won't be surprised when the media reports the facts without ever mentioning the two Palestinian children killed in the last few days. When Israelis attack the media reports it as retaliation. When Palestinians attack it is reported as a break in the lull of Middle East violence. Pathetic!
Retired General James J. David


Jan 31, 9:12 AM EST
Palestinian Girl Killed in Gaza Camp

Associated Press Writer

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- A 10-year-old Palestinian girl was shot and killed Monday by Israeli tank fire at a United Nations school in a southern Gaza Strip refugee camp, Palestinian officials said.

The Israeli army said it did not know of any shootings in the area of the Rafah refugee camp where the girl was killed but said it would investigate in coordination with Palestinian officials.

U.N. officials said Norhan Deeb was hit in the head as she and other pupils lined up in the schoolyard for afternoon assembly. A second girl was wounded in the incident, they said.

Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen frequently exchange fire in Rafah camp on the Gaza-Egypt border. Paul McCann, a spokesman for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, which administers the school, could not say definitely who was responsible for shooting.

But a statement by the agency said firing was heard from the Israeli-controlled border zone. "UNRWA has repeatedly protested the Israeli military's indiscriminate firing into civilian areas in the occupied Palestinian territory," the statement said.

It said the school, 800 yards from the border, has been hit "on numerous occasions" during four years of fighting. "This is the first time the shots have had tragic consequences."

The incident was the second shooting in the area in two days, testing an informal cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian militants. On Sunday, Israeli troops killed a 65-year-old man who entered an unauthorized area near an army post.

The Palestinians deployed thousands of police in Gaza last week in an effort to maintain calm throughout the volatile coastal area. Hundreds of officers took up positions in Rafah last weekend. McCann said it was not the first time schoolchildren had fallen victim to the conflict.

"This is the fifth occasion in which children in our schools have been hurt," he said. Two girls were killed in separate shootings last fall as they sat inside their classrooms. McCann also said a student has been blinded and another wounded in the violence.

Hundreds of Palestinian children and teens have been killed by army fire in the past four years, often in clashes between stone throwers and Israeli troops. The army rarely investigates the incidents.

Ed. Note: Back in the sixties we got nightly newscasts full of white men spraying niglets with water; today we can't even get a single picture of a jew, using an American gun, spraying a Palestinian child with bullets. The media aren't controlled, though. That's a lie spread by people who hate jews.


Subject: Whiteness and its Discontents

Whiteness and its Discontents

By R. E. Reis

The history of the white race is not an unalloyed success story.

We owe much of our civilization to the Greeks and to the Romans. Nevertheless, they both failed dramatically in the area of racial loyalty.

Prior to the wars with

Persia, the independent Greek city-states had a habit of attacking their neighboring Greek city-states, massacring the adult males and a large proportion of the females and enslaving the rest. During the Peloponnesian War this tradition was maintained with ever increasing cold-bloodedness. Before invading the Persian Empire, Alexander erased the famous city of Thebes.

Putting aside the massacres of the Gauls by Julius Caesar, the Romans outdid themselves in their massacres of their Italian neighbors during the Social Wars. And we should not forget the Roman aristocrats' policy of replacing their poorer relatives with cheap and unrelated slaves. (The current policy of the economic rulers of Europe, Canada, and the United States is following this Roman precedent.)

Charlemagne followed this tradition while exterminating the Saxons. Killing white people who looked like him was not a problem.

The golden moment for the Crusaders was when they sacked the city they had theoretically come to rescue.

Counterexamples do exist: the Reconquest of Spain and the wars resisting the Mongols and the Turks. However, the French did ally with the Turks.

The white penchant for treating people who shared their genes with the utmost cruelty reappeared in the nineteenth century when the British resolved to increase the severity of the Potato Famine in Ireland to maximize the number of victims and clear the land of the native Irish, Lincoln invaded the Confederate States of America using methods reminiscent of the Mongols, and the British decided to exterminate as many of the white women and children in South Africa as possible during the Boer War.

The white penchant for treating people who shared their genes with the utmost cruelty was repeated in the last century when the British decided to starve the entire population of Germany by blockade (twice), and to incinerate the entire populations of German cities and towns (with American help).

This is not a pretty picture for dedicated white racialists.

As far as I know there is only one recent important white leader who showed genuine dedication to the well-being of all of the people he considered to be part of his national community much less for the white race in general. Among the politically correct his reputation is very black indeed.


Subject: TAA

What about sending a copy to writer Harlan Ellison? Not positive but I believe he's still around.

Harlan Ellison
PO Box 55548
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413-0548


Subject: Mueller letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

The winner of yesterday's quiz was Richard Odorfer, author of the bestseller "Soul of Germany." And no guys, I am not playing any favors. Whoever gets here first, wins the prize.

The new quiz will be:

What is the date that Adolf Hitler got married to Eva Braun?

The Prize: A beautiful "Nazi" propaganda card: "Offiziere von Morgen" (officers of tomorrow)

It was quite interesting to see 64 answers to the quiz about Garmisch Partenkirchen. I guess we have more sports fans than music fans.


From France:


Did you see that? It's really worth reading. YS

25 janvier 2005



Ronald Knarr:


Walter Mueller,

I thought it might be worth your while to read Pope Leo XIII's Encyclical Letter Humanum Genus. One link is:

Let me just quote one sentence from it: "They are planning the destruction of the holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible, of the blissings obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour."

You have written some good articles. Some even pointing out the actions of those who Jesus said were the children of the devil, but you have never, as far as I have observed, ever said anything about Freemasonry. Reading this Encyclical may help you see the danger there, and that the Jews are it's foolish tools the same as many others.

Another link that goes into this is:

Keep up the good work,

Ronald Knarr



Dr. Leon Bourke:



You have been doing an excellent job these past two weeks publishing factual material that should be read and studied in every American school!!!!

For your information my dear wife and other women and children were straffed by American pilots when they were trying to get to safety.

They had to hide under railroad flatcars! The pilots flew so low that they could see their faces!!!! This is a fact. There was no military equipment in the area.

Leon Bourke



Adelaide Institute:


All states that need the Auschwitz-Lie for their own survival have appropriate laws that protect the state.

If the Holocaust lies and the general Revisionist knowledge becomes public knowledge, then this would have the following consequences:

-- Austria is based on two lies that would disappear: a) that Austria was Hitler's first victim, and b). that there is such a thing as an Austrian nation, an Austrian peoples. If the Auschwitz Lie disappears, then the Austrian nation will also disintegrate, which then would again become a part of the German nation.

-- The Federal Republic of Germany would dissolve as a tributary state of the western allies and be replaced by a German national state wherein all German people determine the constitutional makeup of their country.

-- The state of Israel would dissolve into thin air because its existence rests upon the ability to beg or extort on the strength of the Holocaust, i.e. the state will be replaced by a mixed Jewish-Arab State or the Jews will emigrate back to where they came from.

-- Poland will lose its moral justification of having committed countless murders associated with the ethnic cleansing of the occupied eastern German territories of 12 million Germans after World War II. It will have to compromise its own existence with a newly empowered Germany.

-- Switzerland: The re-birth of Germany would enable the Swiss to see themselves as a re-invigorated 80% ethnic German state.

-- France would publicly have to admit what a joke stated about the war-time occupation: Relish the occupation because liberation will be horrible.[1] In any case, World War II would have not occurred had France resisted a declaration of war on Germany in 1939. This view will without a doubt filter through France when the Third Reich cannot any longer be demonized by the Holocaust.

-- The artificial state of Belgium, created against the will of the people at the beginning of the 19th century, would have even more serious problems in stemming the pressure of separation that the revisionist inspired Flames exert.


1. The allusion is to the fact that about ten times as many French died during and after the liberation as a result of Allied bombings and the post-war political cleansing actions of 1944-1946 than during the conquest and occupation of 1940-1944.

From the forthcoming Germar Rudolf book: Lectures on the Holocaust













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